Things are getting serious.

Tying flies may have started as just a way to pass the time when you couldn't be out fishing, but now that you're looking to add the Rising Fly Tying Kit to your arsenal of fly tying tools, you could say things are getting pretty serious. This kit includes Rising's Stellar Scissors, TieUp dubbing tool, Threada, Stout Bodkin, Stubby Sheppard, Simple Hackle Holda, and a coaster for your favorite fly tying beverage.

  • Add to your arsenal of fly tying tools with this kit
  • Four-inch scissors ideal for cutting tough synthetics
  • TieUp dubbing tool for forming dubbing loops
  • Stout Bodkin with custom handle for a comfortable grip
  • Hackle holder with rubber-dipped ends secure small hackles
  • Coaster with bead chart to match beads to correct hook sizes
  • Rising tools are made in the USA
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