RidleyX-Trail Ultegra Complete Bike - 2017

Off road, in style.

All-surface adventuring is having a moment, building from a niche discipline and morphing into a popular mainstream activity that has opened up a whole new perspective on cycling. This is unquestionably a positive shift in the industry that's getting more people on bikes and generating more available bike options, but we also understand that the sudden popularity has left some of us searching for a way to find our own unique ride to stand out among the crowds. To address this, we've partnered with Ridley to bring a special edition of the 2017 X-Trail Ultegra Complete Bike to life in two unique colorways that are guaranteed to shine no matter where your ride takes you.

As with the standard X-Trail Ultegra, this bike pairs the legendarily precise and reliable shifting of Shimano's Ultegra drivetrain with powerful hydraulic brakes. The combination breaks free from the limits of pavement to embrace all manner of tarmac, gravel, and even washboard single track.

Despite its big, gravel-bike footprint, it's important to stress that the X-Trail isn't a dumpy noodler. Ridley shapes the X-Trail's frame using ultralight unidirectional carbon, equipping the frame to offer quick accelerations and a stiff, responsive ride for everything from pannier-laden weekend trips to off-road segments in gravel/enduro hybrid races. Subtly asymmetrical, the Oryx Disc fork is carefully reinforced on the left leg to allow it to more efficiently bear twisting forces applied by disc brakes, and with a 15 x 100mm thru axle in front and a 12 x 142mm in the rear, the frame achieves confidence-inspiring stiffness throughout.

As implied by the above, the X-Trail is a melting pot of frame geometries. The result resembles a road bike more than a classic cyclocross bike like the X-Night; it has a lower bottom bracket, shorter chainstays, and a stack/reach combination that leaves riders in less of a shoulder-intensive, slammed racing position. In contrast to its road racing frames, Ridley extends the X-Trail C30's head tube by 10mm, bringing riders into a more upright position to accommodate longer training and touring rides rather than racing exclusively. It's only slightly more aggressive than the Fenix, in fact, but unlike its endurance road cousin, the X-Trail is designed to be run with tires up to 40mm wide on more rugged terrain.

  • An all-road adventure bike with unique colorways
  • Long, stable geometry keeps its footing on gravel and dirt
  • High-modulus carbon fiber frame is efficient and lightweight
  • Disc brakes keep stopping on point in inclement conditions
  • Shimano Ultegra shifting lends the right gear when you need it
  • DT Swiss wheels with 36mm tires punch back at rough surfaces
  • Expands Ridley's X series beyond the limits of cyclocross
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Awesome versatile bike

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Bought in July 2017. Shipping to Michigan was very tidy and everything went together without a hitch. Very pleased with the process. I've had a chance to put plenty of miles on it now. Got XL frame in gray/red. I'm 6'2 and while it's big, it gives me room to stretch out. It had very similar geometry dimensions to the Domane so I had a chance to try that out at LBS in the 61 frame before I bought this.

Ride is comfortable and other than deep sand on an Upper Pennisula Michigan backroad, it has handled everything thrown at it. From a spec standpoint, mine came with a 105 11-32 cassette and the front axle is not a 15x100, but rather a 12x100. Confirmed that against another X-Trail carbon I saw in a local store that also had a 12mm. Their spec sheet also list the 15mm size in error. I wouldn't go much more than the 38 tire in the back but front can probably handle 40. I'm in process of putting on a Grail wheelset, once I get the correct hub adapter.

Awesome versatile bike

Does it have fender mounts on frame and fork?

What is the bottom bracket height? I'm wondering if there's enough height to accommodate a slight drop if I occasionally run skinnier tires like 25 or 28c.

The BB drop is ~70mm (from the axle)...similar to a road bike.

X-trail makes the rough roads fun

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've been riding this bike on the Sonoma coast; fractured pavement, steep pitches, gravel, double track, and occasionally smooth surfaces. It's exactly what I was looking for: A fast ride capable of handling rough, loose surfaces, a stiff efficient climber, and also able to make speed on the paved roads between the adventuresome bits. The frame is very stiff, but running the 36 mm tires below 55 psi and adding a CGR seatpost made the ride comfortable. I bought the large size since that lined up with the stack and reach of my main road bike. I'm riding pretty close to my normal road position, adjusted for the longer wheelbase. I'm definitely feeling more secure in sand and broken pavement on this bike than my main road machine, and riding the rough stuff faster. It's taking a larger movement to drop this bike into a turn than I was accustomed to ( long wheelbase and generous trail) , but it holds a line well on all surfaces. The x-trail has a bit more weight and rolling resistance, but if the day has rough roads on the agenda, it's the one I'll take.

Great bike!!

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I raced CX on a Ridley for a couple of seasons, ended up selling the bike to a friend. I missed riding the dirt on a CX/Gravel bike so I bit the bullet and bought this one....absolutely love it.

Shimano drivetrain and braking works flawlessly, wheelset is solid (TL setup to come), fit is great. Pay attention to the sizing...Ridley sizing is tricky, but the XS is great. Muted grey color is perfect, not flashy.

I seem to be between XS and S. You said the XS fits well , how tall are you ? Inseam? Thanks

Miguel, I'm about 5'-7" with an inseam around 28".

Can the included wheels be set up as tubeless?

Hi Eric,

These wheels are not ready to accept TR tires, and would need to be swapped out with a set that is TR. I have sent you an email, and look forward to assisting you on this build.



Yes, the DT wheelset can be set up TL with TL specific tires.

Sweet bike

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've ridden it hard for the last month off road, on road, some messy trails, etc. and love it. Handling is great through all conditions.
Went with 11/32 cassette for better climbing capabilities, as our local gravel races have some tough hill climbs.
I went with Clement MSO tubeless, and can run low pressure without any concerns. Traction is good unless it gets real sloppy.
I went with the Grey w/red lettering. Looks sweet, get lots of compliments.
There is a lot of chatter about size. I am 5'10", 32 inseam, and went Small. Fits perfect. Suggest you compare published measurements to a bike you own for comparison. You will find this frame to be a little long.
The bike came packaged excellently. took less than an hour to set up (wheels, bars, seat, etc.). Drive train was set up perfectly.

Did you have to change the rear derailleur in order to accommodate the 11/32 cassette?

No change needed. Handles 11/32 with no issue.

Hi. Interested in the Ridley X-trail. The spec's list an 11-28 cassette, but several of the reviews mention theirs came with an 11-32 cassette. Can I get it with the 11-32?
Second question: Just about everyone runs tubeless on gravel bikes. Can you build it tubeless, rather than leaving it to me to convert it?

Mine came with an 11-32T. The bike does NOT come TL ready...you need to convert it yourself unless you buy TL specific tires and ask for it to be built up TL.

Outstanding gravel machine

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

The X-Trail arrived in early July 2017. Replacing the tires as I’m approaching 2K and will be converting to tubeless for an upcoming gravel 150 race. This bike is outstanding. Several 120+ rides on roads – all comfortable and smooth on Iowa chip and seal and half a dozen 90+ gravel rides. The frame geometry makes 40 mph gravel descents ‘reasonable’. Seriously – this is the most stable and predictable bike I’ve ridden. My prior gravel bike was an X-Fire and the difference is unreal. The 11-32 cassette and Shimano Ultegra have supported 7500’ climb days without missing a beat. Bike arrived 4 days from ordering and was operable in a couple hours – packaging was excellent. I have the grey/red version – lots of compliments. Sizing – having owned Ridley before I poured over the measurements and compared to my current set up. I’m 5’9” with a 33” inseam – went with a medium. It’s perfect for me but I prefer to be a little stretched out. Looking forward to many years of adventures on this bike. Downside – if you already own some nice bikes you’re not going to ride them as often. This one has been my go to for everything. Kudos to Competitive Cyclist – great buying experience and timely follow up on questions.

Outstanding gravel machine

Bike companies have different levels of carbon frames. Does Ridley have different grades or levels? If so, which level, and what others exist?

Thank JV

Hi JV, Ridley does have different grades of carbon on some frames. (road bikes, x-bow). In this particular model (X-trail) there is only 1 carbon level. Please let me know if you have any more questions, and I'd be glad to assist!

801-204-4588 sgartman@backcountry.com

Can I run 27.5 wheels with 47 cm to 51 cm tires on this bike?

Hi David!

Thank you for your question. The widest tire this will accept is a 40mm.



I would think you could run 27.5 wheels as long as they're disc...might handle funny. Give it a go!


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This bike is the ultimate adventure machine. I have taken it on many on and off road adventures and it handles any chunky, loose gravel, sand or pavement I throw at it. While there is some discussion about the weight of the bike listed not being correct, I actually weighed the bike at my house and without pedals and with a little bit of mud/dirt caked on there, the bike weighs in at 19.6lbs. This also includes two plastic bottle cages (about 50 ish grams each).

Really really a fun bike to ride. The wide tire clearance is a huge plus and gives me the confidence to hammer down some sketchy gravel roads. Overall, excellent adventure machine that keeps on kickin' mile after mile.

Side note: Ridley bikes are HUGE! My road bike is a 55cm, I am 5'10.5'' and I ride a small in this bike. Medium would work but I would feel a bit too stretched out. Hope this helps other interested but always feel free to reach out with questions about sizing or just general questions about this bike!

One week, 400 miles

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I got this the day before heading out on a 4-day, 400-mile mixed terrain tour. I'm 5'2" and got the XXS, and when it came out of the box I thought "Oh no, this sucker is HUGE!" There's more room in the triangle than any other bike I've owned--easily fits 2 bottle cages and full-sized bottles--but miraculously (how do they do it?) the cockpit is just the right size. Almost exactly like my 44 cm Bianchi Axis straight from the box. Rode it for 9-12 hour days with grades up to 21% in perfect comfort. Love this bike.

One week, 400 miles

Gravel Grinding Machine

    I would say that this is one of my favorite gravel bikes we carry. The X-Trail is a nice happy medium. The geometry reminded me of an endurance road bike, with a slightly slacked out front end. Yes, it has road geometry but it wasn't super upright and uncomfortable.
    Tons of clearance to roll on some beefier tires if you wanted to but the tires that come on this bike are also a happy medium. Slick down the center while also having some bigger knobbies on the sides. It rolled really well on hard pack and asphalt but it still gives you some grip when ripping on the gravel or off road.
    My first ride was up and down fire service roads in the Uintah mountains here in Utah. I loved how it felt like a road bike on the smoother surfaces and then performed like a mountain bike on the rougher terrain.
    A lot of people ask me which pedals they should run on their bike, I personally used mountain pedals. They're a bit burlier and more likely to take a hit better than say my carbon Look pedals I use on my road bikes.
    In terms of gearing, this bike comes with compact gearing, you've got a 50/34 in the front and a massive 11x28 in the back. This is great for tackling those steeper climbs on the dirt.
    Overall this bike is fun, playful, stiff, and burly. This bike runs a bit bigger.. According to the sizing chart I should be on the medium, but I am 5'8 with a 35.5 inseam and the medium was too big in terms of reach, so a small fits me perfectly. I suggest sizing down with this bike.

    For additional questions, feel free shooting over an email or giving me a call directly!
    Karissa Lamb

    Gravel Grinding Machine

    The skinny tire bike for the MTB rider

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Purchased this bike so I had something to haul the kiddo around with while he lounges in his Thule Chariot. It just so happens that this thing is really fun to ride. Love adventuring with it - she rides well on road, amazing well on dirt road and pretty damn good on smooth singletrack. Compliance is great - you never lose fillings on bumps, etc. but it still climbs well and has some rigidity. This is a great all-round "skinny tire quiver killer". For someone that spends most of their time on the MTB but wants something to use when the trails get soggy or there is adventure to be had on a high alpine dirt road, this is your bike. Just be careful with the sizing - Ridley's run very big. I'm 6'1", have a 34" inseam, bought a large, and still needed to downsize the stem.

    I was hoping you could elaborate on the size for me. I have the same height/inseam dimensions and was considering this bike in a large (I am also mostly a mountain biker). Do you like the large with a shorter stem or would you have gotten a medium instead? What stem length did you go with?

    @Jesse, I am glad I went with the large and a shorter stem but that is really just my preference. Since I'm on the MTB so much more than road, I like the shorter stems and the feel of that steering. I ride a 70mm stem on there so much shorter than your typical 110 or something. I think you could go either way - medium or large - on a Ridley and be just fine.

    Great gravel machine and good value

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I bought my X-Trail in June 2017 and have 50 miles of gravel riding on it. The bike is a solid smooth ride on my local hardpack gravel roads. Handling is predictable, not twitchy. Mine came with a 11-32 cassette though it is spec'd with an 11-28. The extra low 32 is handy on steeper climbs. I'm 5'10 with a 32” inseam. I put all the spacers below the stem and flipped the 8 degree stem to put my bars level with the saddle for comfort. The Shimano discs are positive and easy to modulate. The Ultegra drivetrain is flawless as you’d expect. Kudos to Competitive Cyclist for the packing job. The bike arrived without a scratch. Setup was spot on except for the front derailleur adjustment. Easy to fix. The saddle didn’t work for me but seemed well made. No surprise since saddles are totally an individual matter. Swapped out for my fave. Not impressed with the seat clamp. Hard to adjust. Would have preferred a micro-adjust clamp instead of the dual bolt toothed-washer design. Overall I’m really happy with the bike and it’s a super value at the sale price.

    Unanswered Question

    Can this bike be built up with a flat bar instead of the drops?

    what is the weight of the whole bike?

    About 9.5 kg / 20.9 lb with pedals. Medium frame size.

    Does it All

      Hard to define this bike, it can crush gravel, dig trenches in cross, and roll up or down any pave you throw at it. The 2X drivetrain is everything you’d expect from Shimano – durable, confident shifting, and maintainable. Having the Compact crank with the 28 in the back will allow you to ride the steeps and still be able to keep speed on the descents within reason. Most CX bikes these days have a X1, but 2X is not dead yet for those that want a bike that can do a little bit of everything.
      Tire clearance will be around 40mm, Ridley states 38mm, but most 40mm will work without any issue. The frame is compatible with mechanical groupsets…clearly, Di2 with an internal battery, and SRAM eTap.
      You may be wondering why you are not seeing this color frame anywhere else. Competitive Cyclist has worked with Ridley to get this custom paint job, so you won’t be seeing this rolling around in the local shop. If you want to run this tubeless you will have to swap tires and get a tubeless conversion kit (Item # EAS001N) – happy to do this for you just give me a call or shoot me an email.
      Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you are interested in it - happy to help.
      Sizing: I’m 5-10” Saddle Height 71.5cm, I went with a Small.

      Bill Sherman
      Customer Account Manager

      All Access Pass

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I want to review what I am assuming is last year's Ridley X-Trail, which seems to be of similar build except mine has the SRAM Force 1 drive and an all black color scheme. After years of riding Italy's finest race bikes (Bianchi and currently own a Wilier) I had to re-address my needs. I am military serving in South Korea and began exploring the gravel bike concept upon arriving to discover my skinny-tired Wilier wasn't going cut it here. After a few months of research, I pulled the trigger on this Ridley. I was nervous about the size, ordering a XS (my Wilier is a M) and going with the Force 1 and giving up a second front chainring. I now have about 500 miles on this ride and couldn't be happier. It's light, stiff and climbs my local Korean mountains like a scared cat. Descending is fun and stable and really enjoy the solid feel from the thru-axle front fork. All of this with more comfort and less back pain - the gravel geometry really works for me. I love the Force 1 and disc brakes, I can't see a reason to go back to rim brakes and I don't miss the second front chainring. My last group ride last week was a mix of smooth asphalt, rough rice paddy farm road, and gravel mountain pass and the Ridley X-Trail handled them all with ease. I am 5'6" with a semi-long torso and the XS fits me like it was custom made. I still have my Wilier but enjoy the freedom of riding the X-Trail on anything I come across. Lastly I will say that few retailers and absolutely no bike shops support military members overseas like Competitive Cyclist does. Andrew Meehan at CC offered me free USPS Priority Mail shipping and the Ridley and some new gear arrived in 4 boxes less than 10 days later. This is the second bike I've had shipped overseas by CC (my Wilier was shipped to Germany). Love the bike, love the company and love riding more than ever.

      Crusher in the Tushar? Ginduro?

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      Need the perfect bike for The Crusher in the Tushar or Grinduro? Or just your local cross series and a little gravel riding? Or just a really fun and fast bike for every day riding? Look no further! Took this thing out for a spin today, (full disclosure, I work here) and I was super impressed. The ride is fast and stable, the braking is responsive and intuitive, the geometry is more in line with other gravel bikes; all in all, this thing is awesome. The sizing seems a little weird to me, but it's normal for Ridley. I rode a medium, but I am 5'10" and a 73cm-ish seat height is just about level with the bars. Top tube felt dead-on though. I would highly recommend this bike.