QuiksilverHighline 2/2mm Zipperless Short-Sleeve Full Wetsuit - Men's

Turn heads at your next competition in the Quiksilver Men’s Highline 2/2mm Zipperless Short-Sleeve Full Wetsuit. Not just because of the acid washed pattern, but from your equally bold performance in the F’N Lite neoprene. Air cells in the fabric cut the short-sleeved suit’s overall weight down and minimize water absorption to keep you warm in surfing temperatures at 64-degrees Fahrenheit and up. The zipper-free design gives you extra freedom of movement without the bulk of a zipper closure weighing you down. Ultra-thin seam sealant adds watertight reinforcement to the GBS-seams, while Flush Lock 2.0 Seals at the sleeves and ankles move water up and over the suit instead of flushing its way in. Added knee pads provide durability while on your board without restricting your leg movement.

  • A lightweight short-sleeve wetsuit without the bulk of a zipper
  • Air cells in neoprene cut the weight and increase warmth
  • Zipper-free design eliminates the bulk of a sewn-in closure
  • GBS-design helps to reduce water entering through the seams
  • Ultra-thin seam sealant adds watertight protection
  • Sleeves and ankle gaskets flush with skin to keep water out
  • Durable knee pads to help protect you and your board
  • Suited for waters 64-degrees Fahrenheit and up
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