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Profile Design Airstryke Aluminum Clip-on Aerobars
Profile DesignAirstryke Aluminum Clip-on Aerobars

Reclaim your flats.

We can identify two primary problems with clip-on bars. First, when fitting them on standard road drop bars for a triathlon or time trial, we have to adjust the whole geometry of our cockpit. Second, they cover the flats. The Airstryke Aluminum Clip-on Aerobars take care of the second issue by including Profile Design's ZB Flip-Up brackets, which use springs to keep the armrests elevated while you're not resting on them. This preserves access to your drop or basebar's flats without sacrificing the benefits of clip-on aerobar extensions. As for the cockpit adjustments, we're afraid you're on your own, though we do know at least one athlete who slides her saddle forward a random distance and calls it good.

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    I love these bars because they relax your wrists with the natural triangle shape (rather than bending your wrists downward for the standard straight bars). My only negative: the elbow rests are spring loaded so when you hit minor bumps they tend to bounce and make an awful ruckus.