Princeton TecQuad Headlamp

With its high-tech circuitry and ultralight design, the Princeton Tec Quad is smarter than your average headlamp.

When you need an ultralight headlamp that does it all, look to the Princeton Tec Quad Headlamp. With its four ultrabright LEDs, this headlamp powers through the darkest conditions. Its wide beam is great for technical scrambles, while the rest of its four settings can be tailored to your needs—from campfire cooking to moonless trail runs. These LEDs burn at a constant brightness, and the Quad features a battery meter so you know when to change the batteries (AAA alkaline batteries included). The tough waterproof housing means the bulbs will live through severe impacts and water submersions up to three feet. Princeton Tec incorporated special circuitry so weight-obsessed climbers can reduce the Quad's already paltry 3.4oz to 2.9oz by using lithium batteries (not included).

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Caving backup

    We use the quad as our backup headlamp in caves because it's waterproof (backup to the Princeton Tec Apex). I've actually only had to use it twice, but I could see almost as well with it on low as with the Apex on low. And the quad seems to always work even when it is wet or bumped.

    Quad is for: Quadruple the Awesome!

      The beam is mega wide, long burning, housing is secure, and it's very very water resistant/proof.

      This is my goto around camp light.
      On low, with the wide beam, I can see and do anything I need to even when I'm the only one with a light on. If I really need to illuminate the enitrety of my immediate area I just blast the darkness with my Quad on high, with its +4 beam of Awesome and I'm all set.

      Even took this for a midnight swim at the ol' watering hole and after 30-45 minutes of sporadic underwater action, and 5 different wearers, it was in A+ condition. Probably went down to a maximum of 7 feet for maybe 30-45 seconds.


        I bought this for my wife to use. It has the single headband, is only a little over 3 ounces and is very simple to operate. Battery life is very good and easy to change.

        Creates a wide beam and it is light enough to trail run.


        Good but broken

          This lite was great while it lasted.... but after the Cascade Lakes Relay, its dead. It wont turn on anymore and will be sent back. All the features were great and the light was perfect for running in the dead of night. Maybe I just got a bad one. I'll update if the replacement preforms better.

          Same here, was a great light for the first several uses, then it inexplicably quit. Looked brand new, just wouldn't turn on at all, new batteries, nothing. I sent it back to Princeton Tech and 3 weeks later they sent me a new one. I've had this one about 2 months, barely used, and now it's done the same thing. :-(

          I've read you can make this emit red light....

          I've read you can make this emit red light. How would one go about doing this?

          This version does not have the ability to emit red light. It is the Quad Tactical that can emit red light as well as blue and green.

          No, you can not make this headlamp emit red light. But, the P.T. Quad Tactical will. If you need something that will emit both red and white light then that is the way to go.

          Great Product

            I have used the Quad for years without a hitch. Light weight, very bright, long battery life and water resistant up to 1 meter! Not really made for extended hiking at night in my opinion, more for short walks and finding your way around camp at night. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

            Great Light

              It is really lite weight and the battery last a good while. The beam is also bright and powerful. The low battery light blinks when the battery is low even if not in use. I haven't decided yet it that is a good thing or just annoying.

              Wont Quit!

                I have had this lamp for over 3 years now. It has logged hundreds of miles backpacking in the Pennsylvania Wilds, night bike hikes, and weeks in the jungles of Costa Rica. I only use Energizer Lithium batteries, they last the longest. The only problem I have is the headband is starting to loose its elasticity.

                Great Lamp

                  This is a great head lamp. Really bright on the high setting and not so blinding on low setting. The strobe feature will come in useful as well.

                  The only feature I would ask for would be a red LED but otherwise, this is a high quality lamp, well worth the money.

                  Very bright headlamp

                    This light is pretty bright and it's not too heavy on your head. I was kind of suprised about the comfortability of it because it looks bulky. It does pretty much what it's supposed to do, light up the night. It really is pretty bright and the three levels of brightness come in handy when you don't feel like blinding your buddy or when reading at night.

                    Great Running Light

                      This is a great little light for both camping and trail running at night. I used the light successfully on two night legs of the Cascade Lakes Relay in Oregon last weekend. The area this light eliminates is enough to run at full pace without feeling uneasy about unknown objects in front of you. The band is even long enough to fit around my 34 inch waist comfortably. Love how the light comes with batteries and is ready to roll out of the box.

                      Does the job well

                        Has a comfy fit and stays in place, even though it doesn't have that extra strap over the head. It is bright and easy to use. I mostly use it when we get to the mountain late Friday night and set up the camper in the dark. It is also great when you just need a little extra light - working on the car or I even got my future mother in law to wear it while she did her needle work. No need to spend a ton of money on a fancy headlamp this works great, especially when the goat puts it on sale!

                        Great Light!

                          The quad combines all the best features into one light. It is not the brightest, longest lasting, most expensive light out there, but as a general use headlamp, it is the best. I have had mine for a few years now, and use it all the time. I hike often and like to use it at night to read or to find my way to a tree. This headlamp is lighter than many other, and still gives good burn time. The battery won't last 150 hr on full strength. After about 10-15 hours of use the light will dim to about the "low" setting, but the light is still adequate for most jobs. I have not tested the waterproofness of the headlamp yet, and don't plan too, but will take their word. The tiltable housing and front control make it easy to operate. Best light for this price... hands down (no pun intended)

                          I'm looking for a headlamp that will produce...

                          I'm looking for a headlamp that will produce a nice wide spread of light in front of me. I don't really need a long distance light, but rather a light that will give me a nice broad area with a minimal hotspot.

                          I am looking at this light and the Petzl Tactikka. I like the Petzl's red lens, but it is about twice the money.

                          Best Answer

                          The Quad is superior to the Tactikka in a few ways...
                          1) It's made in the USA, not France or China where all Petzl headlamps are made.
                          2) It has one of the best warranties in the industry...lifetime, not Petzl's 3 year warranty.
                          3) It's voltage regulated which means that it will maintain it's light output longer. The Petzl's will drop substantially over time. It also has better battery life than the Petzl due to better circuitry.
                          4) It's 100% waterproof (can be submersed in 3 meters of water for 30 minutes). The Petzl headlamps are not.

                          You could also go with the Tactical Quad which is the red lens option as well as blue and green lenses. All of the other positives apply to it as well.

                          Thanks for the help on this Jason. Useful info, The Princeton Tec lights do have some very nice features that Petzl doesn't offer, and the Tactical Quad does cover the red lens requirement, but my primary need is for a nice broad swath of light in front of me. Does the Quad give me that?

                          Jason may step back into the conversation with his input, but after having just looked at a bunch of data and reviews on the Quad, the lightbox tests at 3 meters showed it to be one of the most even wide-beams on the market, especially for the price. And yes, the Tactical Quad will give you the lens filters you want for just a few bucks more. For what it's worth, if I wasn't a narrow-beam candlepower junkie, this would be the one I would be going with. Hope that helps.

                          Thanks for the input Phil. I do like the features of the Quad that Jason listed, especially the voltage regulation. Honestly I was surprised to hear that Petzl doesn't have that. It seems to be more and more common on the higher end LED lights nowadays.

                          I really like a high candlepower long distance beam myself, but for campsite practicality a wide beam with an average range is most useful. I have a nice lightweight 2xCR123 LED handheld that has a very powerful focused beam for the occasional night time stroll down to the lake for gator spotting (I camp mostly in Florida), or spotting other four legged night time wanderers.

                          Another question I have is this: does the red lens on the Tactical Quad slide up and down once it is in place? Or do you have to remove it and store it if you want to use white light again?

                          The colored lens does slide up and down once in place so you can have color or white with the flick of your finger.

                          Decent, light headlamp

                            This is a pretty good headlamp that doesn't suck up the juice like the apex or myo xp. Its pretty light and still has a respectable light output.

                            Its like night-vision... but not green.

                              This is an excellent headlamp. I own two but wouldn’t mind having extras. I use it for everything from camping to other night-activities such as cycling at night, fishing and kayaking for lobsters. Oh, speaking of the kayaking part… The headlamp is definitely waterproof and holds up well to saltwater. Don’t ask me how I know.
                              The 3 brightness levels are perfect (haven’t needed the strobe). The power curve is pretty steady so its bright most of the way until your batteries go low, then the brightness dies off pretty quickly. You’ll know when it gets close to that point because a little red LED will start to blink at ya (even when its off).
                              The only thing I’d add to improve this headlamp is the addition of a red lens but I believe there is a “tactical” version of this headlamp that handles this.

                              Made in the USA

                                For anyone who cares, the Prnceton Tec Quad headlamp I have (just purchased 4/2010) is not made in China as stated here, but in the USA. Great headlamp, although cover over the bulbs on mine was already scratched out of the packaging.

                                Great Value and Quality

                                  Great build quality same water tight closure as Eos with the benefit of wide angle beam great for close work!

                                  I own Black Diamond - 'Moonlight', Petzl 'Duo', Tikka XP, 'MyoXpBelt', Princeton Tec - 'Eos', 'Aurora' and now 'Quad'

                                  I believe in having light when you need and since I found Head lamps that is all I use. So I just leave a headlamps on my helmets, in my jacket, and work bag.

                                  I would recommend buying a headlamp with a battery integrated into the front unless it is on a helmet. So when you stick your head in a tight space it fits and you can still see. With a helmet you can be more force full and stay comfortable.
                                  The Petzl diffusers on my Tikka and Myo work Great for close work and move for pre-focused beam, the Eos does not have this facility and so is a bit too focused for close reading.

                                  For general use, or your first headlamp :) I would highly recommend the Quad.

                                  water submersion + plus

                                    I really needed a waterproof head lamp and didn't want to shell out big bucks so I started with this lamp and added some silicon sealer around all of the edges, seams and at the gasket thereby waterproofing this thing. It has held up through a few night surfs and is going strong. Obviously when the batteries die I'll have to repeat the processes. I'm not sure how much of the waterproof is due to the silicon sealer or the product's design, but the combination has worked great for me. At this price, it fit the bill and I can afford to lose or break one of these, knock on wood.


                                      Really well designed, minimalistic headlamp that offers plenty of brightness for a variety of settings. Within minutes of wearing it you no longer realize it is on your head, and it's various settings as well as pivoting gives maximum usability. Works perfect when navigating the forest in the pitch black. Came in handy when hunting and fishing as well as camping/hiking. It's a really useful headlamp!