PrimusKinjia Stove

Go gourmet in the woods.

Being far from a kitchen doesn't mean you have to resort to hot dogs on sticks and beans in a can. Bring the Primus Kinjia Stove on your next camping trip and unleash your chef skills in the wilderness. This compact stove is lighter and smaller than most two burner stoves, but it still packs the same punch so cooking performance isn't compromised.

Two burners let you cook pasta in a pot on one while cooking up Italian sausage and foraged mushrooms on the other when you're making a pasta dinner. The removable grids and drip tray make it a breeze to clean up after you're done.

  • Two burners
  • 16.4oz propane cylinder (not included)
  • Manual ignition
  • Removable grids and drip tray
  • Compatible with CampFire Griddle Plate (sold separately)
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    I like the the design. Thought about the burner capacity being 3000 BTU's
    less per burner than other stoves. No wind screen either which I always use
    when I'm outside. Kind of pricey, but I went for it. Love the angle of
    the drip tray, but it scratches too easily. The wood handle edge is sharp for the
    hands, but was fixed with sandpaper and a bit of work. Had trouble opening the stove. You need to lift the handle, so the top could open. The mechanics is brass and plastic and I don't think they milled the two parts well enough to work together. I practiced a lot trying to find a sweet spot , but no luck.Maybe after some usage? I like the hand slots on the left and right side for picking up
    the stove, but once again, I had trouble with the fuel hose getting in the way
    of my left hand. For the price I was expecting more.

    This thing is awesome

      This is my first camp stove and it is compact, but easily fits two pots or pans. It doesn't have a wind screen, but I started it easily, even with some pretty solid wind and it kept burning.

      Hi! Do you know if it's possible to connect an adaptor to this stove in order to use it with a larger than 1 lb propane tank? I've tried contacting Primus several times, and haven't received a response.