Warmth out of this world.

One of your favorite things to do is watch the stars and lucky for you, there's a meteor shower headed your way tonight. You get your friends together and are sure to grab you Prana Men's Colewood Wool Vest on your way out of the house. The air is crisp for the evening, but your wool vest is keeping you warm as you star at the sky. As the magic begins to happen, you stash your phone in your media pocket and enjoy the streaks of light blazing across the sky. Hands sunk in fleecy pockets, you forget for a second about the chill air around you, instead you're enthralled in outer space.

  • A wooly warm vest for experiencing life to the fullest
  • Soft lining keeps heat in while you enjoy chilly air
  • Internal media pocket keeps valuables safe
  • Fleece lined pockets ensure warm hands no matter the event
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