Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch
PolarV800 GPS Sports Watch

An athlete's best friend.

Designed for the rigorous needs of triathletes, cyclists, runners, and gym rats, the Polar V800 GPS Sports Watch features a rugged design paired with GPS monitoring, multi-sport compatibility, Bluetooth Smart syncing with Polar's Flow app, 24/7 activity monitoring, and fitness training, among other exercise-savvy features. It's primarily designed for swimming, cycling, and running, making it a favorite of triathletes seeking a rugged training partner for an upcoming triathlon event. Not only is it compatible with Polar's own Flow app (for both iPhone and Android), but it's supported for use with many popular training and cycling apps, including TrainingPeaks and Strava.

Seeing it's stacked to the gills with exercise-related features, we'll simply give you a quick rundown of its very best features for athletes. The integrated GPS functionality tracks your speed, distance, and route as you're running, cycling, and hiking outdoors. It's fully compatible with Polar's Cadence, Stride, Heart Rate, and Keo power sensors, so you can gain a wealth of accurate information while swimming, cycling, and running. Plus, it fully supports both open water and indoor swims while monitoring your heart rate (with the additional heart rate sensor from Polar), which is something that cheaper training watches won't perform. Moreover, Polar offers a free online training tool that creates customized training plans for your specific needs, as well as displaying how your training affects your body with its training load and recovery tools.

Besides being an incredibly powerful training tool, the V800 GPS Sports Watch tracks your every move throughout the day with its 24/7 activity monitoring, including an estimate of calories burned through activity, as well as tracking your sleep's restful and restorative nature. Because it's hooked up with Bluetooth Smart, you'll receive smartphone updates and notifications directly to your wrist, so you can stay up to date on incoming information without being constantly tethered to your phone (the phone does have to be within 30 feet, however).

  • Training watch optimized for swimming, running, cycling
  • Rugged Gorilla Glass screen and fully waterproof design
  • Integrated GPS for speed, distance, and route monitoring
  • Fully customizable with sport-specific activity profiles
  • 24/7 activity tracking + calorie tracking + sleep monitoring
  • Bluetooth Smart syncs with smartphones and Polar sensors
  • Supports both open water and indoor swim training
  • Polar Flow smartphone app (iPhone and Android)
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