Polar M600 GPS Sports Watch
PolarM600 GPS Sports Watch

A smartwatch for smart athletes.

Once Polar's M600 GPS Sports Watch is strapped to your wrist, you probably won't take it off ever again. This smartwatch is suitable for any active lifestyle—runners, cyclists, hikers, mountaineers, skiers, climbers, paddlers, surfers—as well as the inactive moments in life like working, shopping, and hanging around town with friends. Multiple sport-specific profiles help you train for any marathon, mission, or moment that you're planning on. Coach and 24/7 activity tracking devices keep you focused on your training throughout the day, and it includes an alert that lets you know if you've been a little too lazy that day.

The M600's integrated GPS includes accurate speed, distance, and route information so you know where you are, how far you are, and how long it will take for you to get back. Polar added a heart rate monitor underneath the watch to read your heartbeat from your wrist, and the watch is compatible with Polar's H7 sensor for more precise readings. With a waterproof housing and two-day battery life, the M600 can go on triathlon training sessions or weekend mountaineering missions without a problem. For casual use, the M600's Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect to any Android or iOS smartphone. This connection allows you to answer calls, respond to texts, play music, navigate around town, check the weather, and stay connected to social media. Voice controls make this watch more convenient to navigate than previous versions.

  • Smartwatch ideal for active lifestyles
  • GPS with accurate speed, distance, and route information
  • Wrist-based heart rate monitor with sensor compatibility
  • Sport-specific profiles with 24/7 activity and coach tracking
  • Waterproof housing and two-day battery life
  • Bluetooth compatibility with Android and iOS devices
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