POC Corpora Helmet
POCCorpora Helmet


No matter how casual your ride or how short your commute, there's always a chance that you'll crash, get hit by a car, etc., etc., etc. It's unpleasant, but it's a fact of cycling, and it's why we never leave the house without a lid. POC's Corpora Helmet combines safety with casual style that matches flannels, cuffed jeans, and a steel commuter laden with panniers. It lets us transition from Lycra-clad hammerfester to daily grinder, so we can leave the lightweight, aerodynamic race helmet next to the lightweight, aerodynamic race bike. 

  • A cycling helmet for the sartorially minded commuter
  • Multi-impact hybrid construction reassures when it's needed
  • Internal channels shuttle cooling airflow
  • Magnetic buckle allows singlehanded operation
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Two days to my door and perfect fit

    Title says it all. Perfect fit right out of the box for my big melon head. Have yet to be dissapointed by Backcountry. Thanks again !

    Mark H.