Pedro's Pro Pedal Wrench
Pedro'sPro Pedal Wrench

Lots of leverage where you need it.

Pedro's tools are known  for their durable construction, as well as for simple solutions to problems every home mechanic faces. The burly 15mm Pedal Wrench features a 305mm-long handle, which provides plenty of leverage for removing even the most stubborn of pedals. Put it this way: If the Pedro's wrench won't remove your pedal, you're probably going to be removing the whole crankset.

The Pedro's Pro Pedal Wrench comes in One Size and One color.

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Sturdy and reliable

    What you need to get the job done

    Great Tool

      I tried every wrench I had and even a hammer and still couldn't remove my stuck pedals.....ordered this wrench and within minutes had them first I didn't wanna spend the money to remove pedals that cost less then the wrench but I said if I have to bring to a bike place to remove then I might as well buy it since I can remove pedals anytime I want with this tool in the future...if you cant get your pedals off...BUY THIS .. it really works !