• Pedro's - 15mm Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench - One Color
  • Pedro's - 15mm Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench - One Color
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Pedro's 15mm Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench

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Tech Specs

chrome-moly steel
Recommended Use:
bike repair

The wrath of the ruler.

The Pedro's 15mm Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench takes to stubborn pedals like an old-school schoolmaster with a ruler to the knuckles of recalcitrant students. Some pedals in your shop have behavior issues—not moving when they're told, squeaking and squealing all day long, not getting along with the rest of the bike parts—but a 350mm steel body, 30 degree offset head, and a super grip handle encourage discipline through force to remove your most misbehaved culprits.

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    pedal wrench ever. Period.

    nice grip

      Simple tool and easy to use. It has a nice long handle for lots of torque when those pedals your taking off seem to have locktite on them. The grip makes this tool even nicer, the textured rubber has enough of a relief pattern that when you hold it you know its not going to slip out of your hand. Be careful using this to tighten your pedals onto your cranks as you might over tighten them according to the crank manufactures specs.

      Pedros Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench

        The Pedros Equalizer Pro Pedal Wrench is an excellent choice for you pedal removing (and screwing on) needs. The long body gives you plenty of torque, and the grippy handle is fantastic. If you can't get your pedals off with this wrench, you may be in trouble.

        in case of zombie attack, grab pedal wrench

          The actual grip on this pedal wrench is genius. Okay, maybe not genius, but really.... no one else thought of this first??? Great for swapping pedals (thank you captain obvious) and great to keep on hand in case of a rage virus zombie outbreak, or theft. Any other wrench would not give you nearly as good a grip in the event of an attack.

          Sweet Wrench

            This wrench is way better than my park wrench. It has a big burly handle with a comfortable grip to crank on those hard to break loose pedals. Will definetly buy again, If I have to.

            The sweetest grip ever

              This pedal wrench is straight forward but the grip is perfect. The perfect softness makes me want to remove pedals all day.

              This does the job

                This pedal wrench does exactly what you'd want it to do - install and uninstall pedals with ease.