Park Tool Truing Stand Tilting Base For TS-2.2
Park ToolTruing Stand Tilting Base For TS-2.2

Truing wheels just got easier.

Truing wheels can be a tedious job, turn a spoke one way, and another's out of line, straighten up a rotor and the other one is bent, it's all just part of the work, we suppose, but you can make the job easier by staying organized while you do it with the Park Tool Truing Stand Tilting Base for TS-2.2. This tilting base secures to your truing stand and tilts 20-degrees from back to front for comfortable wheel work, and better sight lines regardless of the height of your bench. It is made of durable composite material, with slotted spaces for your spoke wrenches, along with some larger open compartments for keeping nipples, valves, or other components organized, so you don't set them down in the wrong place, or pocket them by mistake. It's compatible with the Park Tool's truing stands TS-2, TS-2.2 and TS-2.2P.

  • A tilting base for your wheel truing stand
  • Pivots 20-degrees for better sight line
  • Hosts compartments for spoke wrenches and small parts
  • Made from durable composite material with a wide base
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