Park Tool Tap Handle
Park ToolTap Handle

Get a grip on it.

Cross threading pedals, or getting gritty bikes with poor metal working can leave you feeling exasperated, but fortunately there's a solution. Snag a Park Tools Tap Handle, and the tap you need for the day's given application, and you'll be able to crank along to get things working smoothly, whether you just need to clean up some threads, re-thread something, or tap new threads all together into something. These handles pair with either a 1/4-inch tap or a 3/8-inch tap, and work with an assortment of frame, pedal, and thru-axle taps.

  • Shop level tap handles for tapping threads
  • Ideal for cleaning up messy threads or fixing cross-threaded cranks
  • Pairs with assorted frame, pedal, and thru-axle taps
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