Park Tool Freewheel Remover:  Sun Tour 4 Notch since 1986
Park ToolFreewheel Remover: Sun Tour 4 Notch since 1986

Fix It The Right Way.

Maybe you just picked up a sweet vintage bike at the swap meet or you're looking to restore an old beauty, you always need the right tool for the job. The Park Tool Freewheel Remover for Sun Tour 4 Notch since 1986 features heat treated tool steel and a 1-inch base to fit a wrench or vise. Thin wall construction allows you to remove the freewheel without touching the cones or locknuts. The 4 notches measure approximately 24mm across and fit all Sun Tour freewheels since Reagan has been in office.

  • 4-notch Sun Tour freewheel remover
  • Tool grade steel is built to last
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