Park Tool Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover for 1/8in Cogs - SR-18.2
Park ToolChain Whip/Sprocket Remover for 1/8in Cogs - SR-18.2

Less gears, more beers.

If you're only rocking one gear, sometimes you gotta do some cog swapping to ensure you have a tall or low enough gear for the ride. With Park Tool's Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover for 1/8in Cogs - SR-18.2 you no longer have to settle for using a slipping 3/32in chainwhip while installing or removing 1/8in cogs, often leading to bloody knuckles. The opposite side features a 1in box end wrench if your one-speed bike happens to have a freehub, and the wrench is heat treated for strength while the molded handle provides comfort. Hardened pins keep the chains connected to the tool even if you're wrenching off a stubborn cog.

  • A chain whip for track and singlespeed mountain bikes
  • Works on single speed cogs designed for 1/8in chains
  • Molded handle improves comfort and adds leverage
  • Heat treated construction for strength
  • 1in box-end wrench fits Park Tool Freewheel/Cassette Lockring Tools
  • Harden pins securely keep the chains in place
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