Park Tool 12-Speed Compatible Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover - SR-12
Park Tool12-Speed Compatible Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover - SR-12

Crack that whip.

We don't know of any other way to remove a cassette lockring without stabilizing the cassette, and sooner or later you'll want to remove it for cleaning or swapping out the gearing for something more appropriate on the day. If you don't own one yet and are in the market for a great chain whip for your home shop or toolbox, consider the 12-Speed Compatible Chain Whip/Sprocket Remover - SR-12 from Park Tool. You'll find yourself using it more than you'd think and with its heat treated construction that prevents bending and flexing, it'll last for years.

The Park Tool SR-12 Chainwhip works on 5 through 12 cog cassettes and freewheels regardless if your alliances lie with SRAM, Shimano, or Campy. At the bottom of the tool, it features a 1in box-end wrench that fits Park Tool freewheel and cassette lockring tools so you can reinstall your gear clusters. A comfortable molded handle adds grip while the hardened pins add durability and keep the chain securely in place.

  • Chainwhip for 5-12-speed cassettes (Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo)
  • Heat-treated steel with hardened pins adds durability
  • 1in box-end wrench fits Park Tool freewheel/cassette lockring tools
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