PacsafeStrapSafe 100 TSA Luggage Strap

Like giving the finger to wannabe thieves.

Having your belongings pilfered through is a bummer. Instead, wrap the PacSafe StrapSafe 100 TSA Luggage Strap around your backpack and lock with the three-dial combination. This PacSafe luggage strap cannot be loosened once it's locked, so it discourages crooks from taking what they want from your bag. This lock is TSA-approved, meaning that Transport Security Administration inspectors can safely open and relock this strap, as is required.

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    Yes, it's totally obnoxious and looks like construction tape, but I love it! It definitively makes my bag stick out from others when it comes down onto the carrousel at the baggage claim.

    I also like that there's a little indicator that turns red when a TSA key is used. If the indicator is red and you don't have a TSA notice in your bag, you know that somebody messed with it. With a little push in the right place, you can turn the indicator back to green.

    just wondering how long the strap is?...

    just wondering how long the strap is? thanks!

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    74.1 inches.

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    Sir, I want to know the length of Strap...

    Sir, I want to know the length of Strap Safe 100 TSA Luggage strap and where it is avaiable in COLUMBIA MD 21045. Thanks ..MURTAZA