PacsafeAnti-Theft Backpack/Bag Protector

Wrap PacSafe's Backpack/Bag Protector around your pack and keep greedy, pick pocketing hands out.

Secure the Pacsafe Backpack/Bag Protector around your backpack and protect your pack from tampering and theft. Using eXomesh Ultimate security technology, the Pacsafe has an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device that covers your entire pack and locks to a stationary object while you're in a train station or on the bus. Pacsafe's locking device is made from high-impact resistant polycarbonate, and your pack's waist harness and shoulder straps are accessible while this protection is on. The padlock and a carry pouch are included with this Bag Protector, so you'll be ready to secure your luggage on your next overseas or US backpacking adventure. Choose from four different Backpack Protector sizes.

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Safety First

    I had some friends turn me on to this while traveling. Keeps computers and valuables a little safer. Holes are big enough to stick a hand through and grab little items but the bags and big items are protected. Went with a 55L so the smaller one probably is harder to reach through

    Security on the road

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    The bag protector is a really good design, and from my initial impression well worth it. You do need to practice setting this thing up once or twice before your trip, and time is of the essence. I found that once you learned how to set it up, and the small nuances that deploying it became quick/easy but still a little bit of a pita. That said I'll take a little bit of struggle to protect my belongings when I'm traveling abroad.

    Would recommend to others for sure.

    Unanswered Question

    Can I use this with a 30' tall suitcase?

    Can I use this with a 30' tall suitcase?

    No thanks

      Unless you're a pro with Rubik's Cubes, find another alternative.

      Or maybe you're just dumb

      Unanswered Question

      Is it worth the $

      Is it worth the $

      While the protector is on the bag, can you...

      While the protector is on the bag, can you wear the backpack? Thansk!

      Best Answer

      Not unless you can un-attach/reattach your shoulder straps; otherwise they'll be pinned down to the pack. Adjusting your straps probably takes about as long as it does to take off the protector, so you may as well. More comfy without it too, I imagine.

      Which size should I get for a Lowe Alpine?s...

      Which size should I get for a Lowe Alpine´s Cerro Torre TFX 10 65:85? Thanks!

      Size: "Pacsafe 85" is for the 85L bags

      peace of mind

        Great product for giving you extra peace of mind while leaving your bag unattended in your room, on a bus, boat, train, etc... Obviously, a thief armed with proper cutters and enough time can defeat a Pacsafe. However, a casual thief, housekeeper, etc. interested in quickly rifling through your bag will be deterred.The best way to use this is to put your backpack in a duffel first. Prevents damage to an expensive backpack and leaves only one zipper to worry about.The only way I can think of to improve the Pacsafe is to replace the keyed lock with a combo lock. No keys to worry about losing.

        In action

        Wrapped around an Arcteryx Bora 80.

        In action

        Pacsafe 120 stored

        Packs down nice and small.

        Pacsafe 120 stored

        Must buy.

          For anyone doing any backpacking this is a must buy. The ability to leave your bag safely in a hostel or an airport is a godsend. I've even taken to using it around my camera bag in my car if I'm in an area that I don't trust. Just make sure you lock it down to something secure.

          How large are the meshes holes? I would...

          How large are the meshes holes? I would like to lock up a bulky jacket and boots and want to make sure they can't fit between the mesh.

          Best Answer

          this would work for that okay, but a better item may be the StuffSafe, also available at It has a fabric lining that will greatly help in getting your items out of the sack and prevent others from seeing exactly what you have in there.

          Boots should be no problem. The jacket would depend on which size you bought and how much you spread it out. If it's tight enough and you spread the jacket out it would be safe.

          I have a similar quest to one above, but...

          I have a similar quest to one above, but I have a 63 L pack and is wondering if the 85 L pac safe would work? I dont see a 75 L available.

          Best Answer

          Yeah, the 85L size will adjust from 55-85L.

          Yep that is the size for you!! Enjoy and travel safe!

          85 will be perfect and allow you to lock other stuff under the Pacsafe.

          PacSafe: Anti-theft bag protectors by Pacsafe - Demonstration

          I have a 60 L back pack and am traveling...

          I have a 60 L back pack and am traveling international and need to know if I get a pacsafe for a 75 L pack will it be to big and not work?

          Hi Meghan,

          The PacSafe 75L will work for you with this pack. It is nice to have some extra room incase you have things on the outside of the pack.

          Perfect size, the PacSafe will wrap right around it.

          Can you change the lock on the Pacsafe to...

          Can you change the lock on the Pacsafe to a TSA certified one or do you need to use the one it comes with?


          It just uses a standard lock so anything with a small enough arm would be fine.

          What is the stretched out size of these...

          What is the stretched out size of these safes? I want to use it to protect a lot of gear carried on a bicycle trailer. This is an open trailer and without a cover or fitted box or bag for it. So we would prefer something that wrapped the whole way around but fit down into the trailer sides which are open too but do have metal tubes going around forming something of a box. Perfect to tie this safe to with carabiners. We might make our own lightweight waterproof nylon bag to keep things safe and out of site both. But will have awkward lengths of tent and sleeping mats. Some food items. Will have bike panniers on two other bikes which would be nice to put on the trailer for safe keeping when we are away from the bikes too. So what it actually stretches out to would be helpful. We could make do with it stretched out just to cover the top but would be nicer if it went all the way around. Our trailer is about 34-36 in length and 27 wide at the top of the slanted sides. A bit smaller at the bottom floor. What we put on it will determine the height.

          It might fit but it would be a major pain to put on. The stretched size doesn't matter as much as the size of the entry point.

          While I was in New Zealand recently, I saw...

          While I was in New Zealand recently, I saw an excellant wire(?) mesh bag that went around the backpack, so that you could check your pack on the airplane and it would not get caught in the equipment. It encased the bag and locked. Anyone have any experience with something like this? Any idea where to get one? (Or what it is called?) Is it worth the money?

          Best Answer

          Pac Safe is the name. You can get them on the backcountry website, just find the right size. Yes, they are worth money. It is a great investment when travelling somewhere sketchy. You can also keep the pacsafe on your pack while hiking, so for train or funky bus travel it is great. The only thing that sucks is trying to put it back into the little bag it comes with. This is absolutly doable, but it will take a little practice.

          The smallest size the pacsafe comes in is...

          The smallest size the pacsafe comes in is 55, right? Well, I have a 48L hiking pack which I would consider locking with the pacsafe 55, but will the mesh protector still work with something smaller?

          It will, I got 45 liter pack and it works perfect with it.

          Great product

            This bag protector was a last minute purchase before my trip, and it's the best thing I bought. It goes a long way in the peace of mind dept. I can be out and about without having to worry about having my bag stolen because this protector can be lashed around a stationary object (a bed, a pipe sticking out of the wall, etc.), making it nearly impossible to steal. My advice is to buy a duffel bag or the like to put your pack in before putting it inside the PacSafe to avoid unnecessary wear on your pack. The metal mesh causes a lot of friction. Overall an excellent purchase despite the price!

            You could also use a large trash bag, saves space compared to carrying a duffel bag.