• Osmo Nutrition - Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's - Lemon Lime
    Osmo Nutrition - Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's - Detail
    Osmo Nutrition - Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's - Detail
  • Osmo Nutrition - Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's - Lemon Lime
  • Osmo Nutrition - Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's - Detail
  • Osmo Nutrition - Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's - Detail
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Osmo Nutrition Hydration Singles - 24 Pack - Women's

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    Tech Specs

    Servings Per Container:
    [individual packets] 24
    Recommended Use:
    hydration during exercise

    Hydration that's made for you.

    Ready for your active lifestyle, the Osmo Women's Hydration Singles 24 Count Box contains single-serving drink mix packets for in-workout hydration. Developed by Dr. Stacy Sims, an accomplished triathlete and road cyclist, this drink mix is catered toward female athletes, with the approach that "Women are not small men." That's not to say that women don't have the same athletic potential as their male counterparts, but she's specifically referring to the physiological differences, mainly hormonal fluctuations, that require a different approach to in-workout hydration.

    Until recently, most workout nutrition supplements were tailored to the needs of men, with male research and testing performed to back up products' performance claims. As such, women's supplements were given a "shrink and pink" treatment, with pretty colored packaging, scaled-down calories, added soy protein, and maybe a bit of added calcium. Not here. The Women's Hydration Singles mix approaches workout hydration for female athletes in a much different manner than the competition.

    Since it's tailored to the needs of female athletes, the Women's Hydration Singles mix is designed to counteract the effects of the menstrual cycle on performance. Namely, the fact that a woman's internal temperature varies by 0.5-degrees Celsius during her menstrual cycle, while sodium losses increase and plasma volume drops. As such, this hydration mix helps you avoid premenstrual-related performance decline, while increasing overall power output and endurance.

    Each box of Women's Hydration Singles comes with 24 single serving packets, in either Mango or Strawberry flavors. One packet mixes with 16-ounces of water, allowing you to simply grab a single packet and head to the gym or trail head with minimal fuss.

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      It certainly takes a few weeks to get used to Osmo, not just becuase of its rather bland, slightly salty taste (which actually becomes light and refreshing given time adapting to the flavor) but because it’s primarily a hydration drink. There are only 9g of carbs and 35 calories per serving, meaning those who are reliant on carb intake from energy drinks will need to rethink their nutrition strategy and eat more to offset the difference.

      You do need to be vigilant about food intervals during rides without extra carbs being only a slurp away, but in the six months I was using Osmo this approach has led to a more settled stomach – allowing meto eat more, fewer peaks and troughs in energy levels and no issues with dehydration. By extension, fatigue was kept at bay – enabling me to ride comfortably for longer


      Hydrated to Dominate

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I've long used the same hydration mix for running and riding. Probably for the last 5 years, I have gone to the same packet of space powder to aid the whole don't-turn-into-a-raisin situation, otherwise known as dehydration.

      Point being: I finally gave Osmo a shot, and I am very glad I did. I was in Southern Utah riding for 3 days in about 70* weather (downright tropical, compared to the blustery winter in SLC), and Osmo kept me hydrated and happy. I wouldn't be able to say for sure if it's a better hydration mix for me as a female-bodied human, but I did feel pretty grand.

      The Mango flavor is pretty subtle. I've found that Osmo, at least that flavor, tends to dissipate over time more so than other hydration mixes, though less so in colder weather.

      I prefer a mix with more flavor--the mango is very subtle. Otherwise, I'm pleased with the Osmo Active Hydration mix.