Omega PacificSolution Nut Tool

A simple solution for stuck cams, nuts, and unopened beers.

The Omega Pacific Nut Tool is thin from top to bottom in order to help you unwedge micro nuts without a hassle. Its hook lets you pull unreachable trigger bars on cams, the dimple cradles each stopper to help you strike it out, and a little nub pulls on cam's cavities to give you the upper hand when you're trying to save your gear. A 1/2-inch wrench tightens loose bolts so you can trust them, and a carabiner gate at the end attaches to your harness for convenient storage. Best of all, the Solution opens up celebratory bottles of brew when you're done climbing.

  • Thin from top to bottom
  • Hook, dimple, and a little nub
  • 1/2-inch wrench
  • Carabiner attachment
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