Omega PacificFive-O Screw Lock Carabiner

Time is money, or in this case, vertical.

Nobody wants to waste time fumbling with gear while hanging on a sliver of rock or ice, which is why Omega Pacific designed the Five-0 Screw Lock Carabiner with fast clipping in mind. Tons of gate clearance and a basket large enough to hide your lunch in combine to help even the shakiest or coldest hands set that anchor, and fast. Built with a unique cold forging process, the Five-0 boasts safety numbers you can hang your hat–or harness–on.

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Easy to use

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Perfect for climbing and attaching your belay. easy to screw shut quickly!

Biner Size Comparrison

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

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Mad Rock Ultralight Wire Gate - MRC0074

Trango Phase Carabiner - TRG0063

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Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner Screwgate - BLD0729

Omega Pacific Five-O Screw Lock - OGP0029

Petzl Am'D Locking - PTZ0129

Trango React Screwlock - TRG000K

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Biner Size Comparrison

Big opening, easy to clip

    Big opening, very easy to clip. Shape helps keep from spinning. I use this on draws for top rope set-up. The large size and shape provide a nice big area for the rope to run on.

    All of my other biners, solo or on draws, are Black Diamond; however, I really like the shape and size of this for top rope anchoring draws.

    4 stars due to the fact that I like the shape and size for a pretty specific use. In general I prefer most BD biners instead. No issues, good so far.

    Big opening, easy to clip

    Actual biner weight/color

      Weighs in at 66.1g on my scale which = 2.33oz. Summit Blue also looks turquoise, NOT like the picture posted here.