Smooth sailing.

Your days of white water rafting are over, but just because you've stopped racing the river doesn't mean you want to leave your aqueous life behind. The Old Town Castine 140 2018 Kayak provides a perfect way for you to escape to the waterways without the spins and boofs that make your friends hella nervous. With a generous fourteen foot length, the Castine 140 falls in the Goldilocks spot of Old Town's new touring lineup, and it tracks well in large bodies of water while you troll the shores for wildlife. 

From day paddles with a large lunch to overnight river trips along scenic Ozark waterways, you have plenty of space in the generous hatches to stash all the goodies you need for a relaxing cruise; the quick seal hatch covers are double secured with CrossLock covers, helping keep water off your chicken salad and down sleeping bag. The ACS2 seat is designed specifically for comfortable touring, and can be adjusted along with the foot and thigh braces to ensure good control on the river. Old ways die hard, so if you just can't help rolling your kayak in an attempt to show off, deck rigging rope and bungees provide safety points if you're forced to make a wet exit.

  • Touring kayak for day and weekend trips on flat, calm waters
  • Durable construction endures years of use and abuse
  • Bow and stern hatch provide gear storage for camping trips
  • Adjustable seat offers breathable cushioning as you paddle
  • Carry handles simplify camp setups and on-land transportation
  • Removable slide-track day storage keeps necessities close at hand
  • Rudder (not included) ready for better steering in windy conditions
  • Old Town has created watercraft in Old Town, Maine since 1898
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