OakleyFlak Jacket XLJ Replacement Lens

Change up the look of your shades with an Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Replacement Lens Kit.

The Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Replacement Lenses offer slightly wider coverage for larger face sizes. Swap your Flak Jacket Lenses out in moments to adjust for super bright or overcast days. Or just replace a pair of scratched lenses on your Flak Jackets. As with all Oakley lenses, this replacement pair of lenses contain Oakley's optics for the uncompromisingly clear vision you demand whether you're out on the trail or fighting rush hour traffic. * See sizing chart for different lens tints and uses.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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great lens

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Sliped righting my flak jackets, I like the extra coverage of the xlj lens. I hate that they are so expensive but the optics are very nice.

When will this sale end? And will Half jacket xlj lenses fit into a Flak jacket frame?

No it will only work with the XLJ.

You can call or email me directly. 801-736-6398, or bporreca@backcountry.com

Are half jacket and flak jacket lenses...

Are half jacket and flak jacket lenses interchangeable?

Best Answer

These lenses are not cross model compatible. You need to keep the flak jacket lenses with the flak jacket frames and the half jacket lenses with the half jacket frames.

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Is this fit with flax jacket 2.0 frame?

Is this fit with flax jacket 2.0 frame?

Will the flak jacket xlj lens fIt in a...

Will the flak jacket xlj lens fIt in a half jacket xl frame??

no, sorry bud.

how do you know if you own XLJ's or regular...

how do you know if you own XLJ's or regular flak jackets?

I believe that its the lens that really makes the XLJ's the XLJ's. If you throw these replacement lenses in the Flak Jacket frames you own then suddenly they become the XLJ's. Ta-da!

Great fitment and quality

    I purchased the VR28 Polarized after researching a good low light lens. I use them for hikes and for volleyball, both for sun protection as well as eye safety from getting poked in the eye. My XLJ's came with dark lens already, so this is a great choice for medium to low light activities. I loved how it got to my doorstep in no time, and love the guarantee by Back Country if something ever goes wrong with my lens they will take care of me.

    Scratched very easily

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I am not even sure when it happened but there is a big scratch on one of my lenses the first time I wore them. I usually get replacement lenses once a year and they seem very durable. I hope these are real Oakley replacement lenses.


    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have the Black Iridium XLJ polarized replacement lenses. They fit perfectly in my matte black frames, so I don't know what the guy who said they "rattle around"is talking about. It took me about 2 minutes to get the hang of popping the lenses out and back in to swap them around. It's really not hard. The iridium coating makes the lenses mirrored from the outside. The polarization is good and these are pretty dark, but very clear.

    Plus they were 20% off and free 2-day shipping. So yeah, I'd recommend.

    I just ordered replacement sleeves and...

    I just ordered replacement sleeves and nosepiece from oakley and the nosepieces don't fit what can I do about this?

    Best Answer

    You ordered from Oakley and Oakley screwed up, so you came here?

    Oakley has good customer service. Call or email them and they'll gladly help you out.

    Nice Lenses, Bad Choice Of Color Name

      I have owned the standard Black Iridium Polarized before and really liked them (until I damaged them). After ordering what I believed to be the same lenses I somehow received the "OO Black Iridium Polarized" which bares little resemblance in color to the non-"OO" model. The "OO" is similar to the Black Ir. VR28, the lens look mostly grey but while wearing them they appear very brown. Somewhat disappointed in Oakley for making the names so similar and calling a brown lens "black."

      Back Country was very helpful to inform me of these differences and processed an exchange for my intended purchase: "Black Iridium Polarized" (oakley's model with the least light transmission).

      Save yourself the time and money, these suck

        These lenses do not fit near as well as the ones that came with my glasses. they rattle around in the frame and constantly sound like they are going to fall out. Bottom line, kick in the extra $100 and just buy a new pair of glasses that are under warranty.

        Oakley Flak Jacket VR28 iridium lenses

          I just bought a set of Flak Jacket XLJ VR-28 black iridium lenses for one of my pairs of Flak Jackets. I love them. They provide a great color (very much like Maui Jim rose) and the contrast is excellent. They are designed to work well in lower light but they also perform very well in bright sun. I wanted something for hiking where you are in and out of trees and therefor shade and these are just the ticket. They are my favorite lenses for the Oakleys. The clarity is awesome.

          I concur. The VR28 Black Iridiums are my favorite lenses in my Split Jackets. I use them primarily for mountain biking, and they are perfect for almost every condition. I should pick up a set for my Flak Jackets, too.

          Perfect Replacement Lens!

            I scratched the crap out of my old lenses taking them through slot canyons and have replaced them with these! they are easy to snap in and out of the frame and save you some money from having to buy new frames!

            Oakley recently changed the size of their...

            Oakley recently changed the size of their XLJ lens. They are now slightly bigger. Are your lens the older version?

            I just purchased XLJ lenses from Backcountry and they were the new, larger versions. I like them better because the cover more area under the eyes (great for reflective protection). I have two pairs of Flak Jackets because they are some of the only glasses I've found that cover above my eyes (without any blockage from the frames) and below without any fogging. I love the fit and performance.

            will flax jacket xlj lenes fit a regular...

            will flax jacket xlj lenes fit a regular flax jacket frame?

            Best Answer

            XL and XLJ lenses are absolutely interchangeable on ALL oakley frames. The lenses are the same except xlj's offer more coverage around the bottom and outside. I have half and flax jacket frames that I have both xl and xlj lenses for. Not interchangeable between models, but both frames take both xl and xlj lenses. There are no separate xlj frames.

            technique for swapping out your lenses

            technique for swapping out your lenses
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            my nose piece on my oakley flak jacket...

            my nose piece on my oakley flak jacket sunglasses seems a little narrow for the bridge of my nose is there any adjustments that I could do?

            Good fit.

              I bought a persimmon set to use in low light conditions, specifically when I go shooting and they work great. These lenses do a good job and work fine indoors.

              Do you know if the Flak Jacket lens will...

              Do you know if the Flak Jacket lens will fit in the Half Jacket frame?

              Best Answer

              The Flak Jacket lens is ever so slightly larger than the Half Jacket lens, enough where they are not interchangeable. I have a pair of Half Jackets and they broke while I was changing lenses, so I checked at the store before buying the Flak Jackets to see if I could use the lenses that I have in the new frames. Sorry, they don't work. I really like the Flak Jacket though, so I got them anyway. They have really good coverage.