O'NeillPsycho 1 Z.E.N. Zip FSW 3/2 Wetsuit - Men's

Surf like a lunatic.

Some might say you're nuts for spending 10 straight hours on the water, but they're the ones who are missing all the sick waves. Besides, with the O'Neill Psycho 1 Z.E.N Zip FSW Men's 3/2 Wetsuit, surfing, paddling, and waiting for the perfect set is no more unpleasant than kicking back in a hammock on the beach. It's one of the lightest, most comfortable suits on the market, thanks to the super-stretchy and quick-drying Technobutter 2 neoprene and super-minimal seam design that eliminates pressure points and constrictions. There are strategic seamless paddle zones all over the suit, which combine with the Contortionist seamless shoulders, LSD lumbar seamless design, and Krypto knee pads to provide a nearly unlimited range of movement for long hours of paddling, surfing, and even sitting on your board.

The Psycho is as waterproof as they come, too. Each and every seam is finished with O'Neill's Fluid seam weld technology to keep water at bay, and there are Plasma wrist and ankle seals to form a watertight barrier at your extremities. The Psycho's best trick, though, is the Z.E.N. back zip closure, which uses an internal layer—O'Neill calls it Barrier 2—that pulls over the head to channel away any water that manages to get inside the super-short zipper and Double Super Seal neck. Drain holes along the bottom of the Barrier 2 let the water drain out of the suit, so it never actually gets to your skin, where it can suck away heat. O'Neill finished the Psycho off with a special key pocket, too, just because it could.

  • Technobutter 2 neoprene
  • Single Fluid seam weld technology
  • Super minimal seam design
  • Contortionist seamless shoulder and strategic seamless paddle zones
  • LSD lumbar seamless design
  • Z.E.N. back zip closure with Barrier 2 technology and drain holes
  • Double Super Seal neck
  • Krypto knee pads
  • Plasma wrist and ankle seals
  • External key pocket with loop
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