NRSWRSI Moment Fullface Helmet with Vents

A reliable fullface with comfort in mind.

The NRS WRSI (Whitewater Research and Safety Institute) Moment Fullface Helmet with Vents is for serious paddlers who want protection and comfort. This multi-impact shell utilizes ABS plastic, polyurethane, and an EVA liner to dissipate impacts from trees, rocks, and anything else out on the river. The Interconnect Retention System features twelve EVA pads with different thicknesses to provide a completely customizable—and very comfortable—fit for any sized dome. Three ventilation holes at the top and one at each ear provide more comfort by drying the EVA pads quickly. This helmet also has a facebar for more grill protection and a visor for more eye comfort. WRSI's process uses wind-powered technology to create products without a lot of production waste. 

  • ABS plastic shell with polyurethane sub-shell
  • Multi-impact with EVA foam liner
  • Interconnect Retention System fit adjustment
  • Three ventilation holes at top, one vent at each ear
  • Facebar and visor
  • Eco-friendly production
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Is the face bar removable

Afraid not, it is riveted on.