• Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Black
    Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Back
    Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Side
    Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Side
  • Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Black
  • Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Back
  • Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Side
  • Now - Pilot Snowboard Binding - Side
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Now Pilot Snowboard Binding

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Tech Specs

Highback 2.0
Hanger 2.0
Baseplate Padding:
Ankle Strap:
Freestyle Flipit
Toe Strap:
Buckles 2.0
medium-stiff (7 of 10 on Now's scale)
Tool-less Adjustment:
Recommended Use:
all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty:

Pilot Snowboard Binding

Navigate steep, heart-pounding lines and boost higher than ever in the terrain park with the versatile Now Pilot Snowboard Binding. Like all Now bindings, the Pilot features Skate Tech, which starts with the skateboard truck-inspired hinge on the Hanger 2.0 baseplate that acts as a fulcrum to quickly and efficiently transfer energy from edge to edge. This means that instead of flexing your baseplate on turns, all of your energy goes directly to the edge, giving you quicker response and less leg fatigue. Bushings at the contact points between the baseplate and the board reduce chatter for a smoother ride and prevent board breakage. The Pilot includes interchangeable medium- and hard-density bushings that offer either more dampening or response.

Flushcup technology sits the highback above the heelcup, ensuring the back of your boot is flush with both the highback and the heelcup, which not only improves response, but also gives you the option of riding highback-less for a more surfy feel. Speaking of the highback, the Pilot's Highback 2.0 features a redesigned Flex Hinge that prevent calf bite and a bit of a wing that offers added lateral support. Snow-clearing channels prevent snow from building up between the highback and heelcup when you're hiking for pow. The 3-D straps are fused with EVA for a comfy feel, and the stitchless design improves durability. The Pilot also includes a Channel system disc in addition to the 4X4 pattern disc so you can ride it with any major board brand on the market.

  • Mid-stiff-flexing all-mountain binding with a freestyle focus
  • Pilot Hanger baseplate with Skate-Tech adds response
  • Soft and medium bushings to adapt to your riding style
  • 3-D ankle and toe straps secure a snug fit without pressure
  • Tool-less strap adjustment lets you make on-the-fly changes
  • Includes 4X4 disc and Channel disc to add versatility
  • Snow-clearing channels prevent snow from building up
  • Now bindings use a truly unique design that revolutionizes riding

Love the Flex!

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

These are a super fun, all around binding if you are looking for something that will serve you on the mountain! I took these out in the middle of a pretty gnary blizzard, and did have some difficulty getting the catch to release as they got gunked up with snow as the day progressed. But overall, I found them to be fun, solid and a really nice pair of bindings!

Really responsive, and forgiving binding

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I love these bindings! They are soft on the tops of my feet, and super responsive. I have used them on a soft flex Never Summer board, and on a mid flex Rome board, and both times I really enjoyed them. The buckles are set up intuitively so you can't step on them when getting in and out, and the teeth never get stuck. My only complaint is that "on the fly adjustment" isn't entirely true for the left adjust on the buckle. But the adjustment to the back is quick. Overall, super great for charging, and some park too!


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I used these bindings with a Never Summer board and they were awesome. They were flexible, and they are super adjustable and made it easy to tweak them. After multiple runs, the toe strap would loosen a little bit, so I had to remember to tighten them every now and then. Other than that, these are great!

Gets the Job Done

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I rode this binding on a pow day, and didnt get a ton of opportunity to really rail it edge to edge and see how the carving was, but regardless it held up and worked just fine. The straps held my foot in quite well, minus the toe strap sliding off every once in a while, but i bet if i had really tightened down the tool less adjustment, i could have combated that issue.

Though these bindings were pretty solid and will work great, they werent my favorite. The straps and ladders werent buttery smooth like you want in a binding, and the binding overall just seemed a bit too clunky in terms of getting on and off. They also packed a few extra pounds compared to some of my union bindings, at least it felt that way.

Wish i had more to say on the Skate Tech and ripping groomers.

Good Binding, No Frills

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I had the chance to use these bindings for 4 different days and thought they rode great! All four rides were spent all mountain with decent fresh snow fall and they had plenty of response, no pressure points and were overall a good binding. I loved the construction of the binding. Everything was very simple and easy to adjust. The only issue i had was keeping my toe strap around my boot. After every lap the toe strap had fallen down off my toe but it didn't seem to effect the way they rode because i only noticed when unstrapping.




    Pilot the mountain

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Be the boss of your turns.

    Kiss the earth

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This binder rocks!

    Feedback has always been positive on the Pilot at demos and I must say this is my go to in the line. The Hanger 2.0 is super comfortable and straps feel like butterfly kisses. Great park or Freestyle / freeride (guy who likes to take his freestyle all mountain) option. Skatetech Rules!

    Kiss the earth


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