Northern Playground Ziplongs 3/4 Wool Pant - Men's
Northern PlaygroundZiplongs 3/4 Wool Pant - Men's

Zip along now.

No matter how you're spending your Saturday, from a nice backcountry tour to a backpacking trip, dressing for the weather can be difficult. With the Northern Playground Men's Ziplongs 3/4 Wool Pant, you don't have to choose between a cold morning or a warm afternoon. Thanks to a full-length zipper, you can put this wool legging on for the start of your day, then pop your pants down and easily remove the baselayer once things have warmed up. The zipper is padded so you won't experience chaffing, and the stretch-wool blend provides wicking warmth and performance mobility.

  • Full-zip baselayer for active sports in variable weather
  • Wool is warm and wicks away moisture for natural odor control
  • Full side-zipper lets you take these off easily
  • Three quarter length fits well with ski and snowboard boots
  • Different zip-color on each leg denotes left and right
  • Zipper padded for next-to-skin comfort while you're moving
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How It's Done

Hard to tell, much easier to show you how they work!

Not Just For Skiing

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Large

I use these when fly fishing for the colder season. Start out with them on and once the sun comes out and i start to get a little toasty I pop them off without having to take off my waders all the way and leaving my boots on. Soft and comfy with the versatility aspect running the show. True to size but not the skin tight type of base.

Highly recommend for anyone like myself that likes to be prepared for any situation or temp.

I also use the same 3/4 base layer in the spring time for touring. They are a life savor for the days you go out before the sun comes out and the temp in the morning is down to single digits. As i climb and work my body temp up I will start by venting my bibs. Once that is not enough I then pop these bad boys off and put the out through the vent holes in my bibs. This way i will not start to get wet. One you are wet it is vary vary hard to warm back up. If I get to the top and start to cool off after switching out the split board I can toss these right back on. Somehow ever time I make it to the summit weather moves in and drops the temps and these on/off base layers have saved me some days. In the spring time I rarely have to toss them back on and will just toss them right into my pack and forget them for another day.


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times
  • Fit: True to size

Ziplongs are comfortable and perfect for active adventures when you work up a sweat. After skiing, hiking, climbing, just zip off your under layer. great fit, too!

Get a pair today and then go live life

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Large

I first came across these by accident while shopping for something else in Olso. We had recently returned from a trip to one of the Fjords where I tried to get my base layer on after being forced to remove the pants I was wearing. The weather had turned quickly and I went from pretty pretty warm and comfortable to chilly pretty quick. Needless to say, this did not work out well for me. I ended up shoeless, pantless and freezing for way too long. This when I saw the zip offs I was already prepared for the purchase. Putting them on just to things to another level entirely. They were easy to zip on/off and they were incredibly comfortable. I ended up using them on my flight home because (let’s say) I wanted a little freedom on my long flight. Once at a reasonable height, I went to he bathroom, unzipped and moved about the cabin - joyously unconstrained. The flexibility became extremely useful. In the us in particular one finds oneself moving from a very cold climate into a very warm building. Being able to remove a nice piece of wool without having to get completely undressed is extremely helpful. Preparing to venture out, a quick zip and you are ready to venture out into the world. Now, I am sure that this is not what the brilliant creator of this product had in mind when they came up with the product (having just met him actually I know this is true). Regardless, the zip ons/offs have a million and one applications and every one will make life just that much more comfortable. Turns out that they keep innovating too. I own like 5 different things from them now - all differently brilliant as well as comfortable. And for the record, I do not own stock in the company or work for them. I’m just someone trying to live life as comfortable and conveniently as possible for a reasonable price.

Dial in your temp on the fly

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: small

I've used these now for three seasons, and for touring there is just no other option. You'll forget that they have zippers on them until it's time to fine tune your temp in the skin track. I ski with pants with full side zips allowing me to open up or close the ziplongs as needed to vent heat or lock in the warmth mid-stride. I'll often cruise up with my ziplongs half-open, and close them up when I get ready to rip my skins. Ziplongs really shine during the spring season allowing you stay comfortable and dry no matter what the temps.

the color coded zippers are great, I like to stash mine in my pack partially zipped so that I can more quickly get the zipperes re-matched.

I recommend sleeping with these on in the hut so your friends have a tougher time stealing them from you!


  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Large

I can't think of many outdoor sports where it's easy to take a leg layer off and not get wet, muddy, or just plain stuck on a whatever article of footwear you have on. The biggest offender in this case is probably backcountry skiing or any time you're in the skin track. You have your layers on from pre-sunrise, you go up a couple hills, and boom--it's time to take some insulation. That used to either involve complex one-legged gymnastics, or an even worse form of punishment: taking a warm boot off while on snow. These zip wonders from Northern Playground totally changed that for me. Delayering is a 10-15 second affair now, as is re-layering, and the sweet merino wicking action doesn't hurt either. I'm not quite sure why we haven't been doing it this way the whole time, but I'm pretty glad I started.

I got these in a Large, They work great, but for my build I would do medium in the future. Absolutely love the product!

Fish Like Them

Great option when hiking in deep to get to a fishing hole, or when temperature fluctuates drastically between early morning and afternoon.

Zip It

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit: True to size
  • Size Bought: Medium

This is the best thing to happen to baselayers since... well ever really. I was skeptical when I first got these (as most of us are when trying new/different products from foreign lands) but I have found a multitude of uses for these. The obvious one is ski touring- these can be the difference between overheating and being perfectly comfortable. However, my personal favorite use is for fly fishing. I wear these under my waders in the mornings in the fall/winter/spring when it is freezing early on, then zip them off when it heats up without ever having to pull off my waders and boots. Plus, when I find myself in Zoolander walk-offs, I always win.
I have a size 33 waist, and the medium is perfect.