Ponder inner space when you have the time.

There's no stopping the expanding universe. It gets larger, colder, and more mysterious with every tick of your Nixon Monopoly Watch, which falsely enforces the idea that time and space are linear. You can admire the shiny luster of your stainless-steel watch and its hardened mineral crystal face, but between the visible structure of this object are unexplored dimensions packed together like a tightly woven fabric. Sure, this three-hand's Japanese quartz movement and scrolling date display won't help you access these dimensions, but it will help you keep track of when you need to be in class for your physics exam.

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Im confused, is the "White" all silver?...

Im confused, is the "White" all silver? band and dial? and the "High Polish" is silver band and white dial? from the pictures, this is what i see. thanks.

Nixon Monopoly Watch

Unanswered Question

Can you remove links in the wrist band...

Can you remove links in the wrist band to size?

Hi there , I ordereded my Nixon watch...

Hi there , I ordereded my Nixon watch yesterday for my boyfriend . I reaaallly need it to be in before Friday of next week because it's our anniversary ! And it still says order pending . I'm worried because I live in Canada . Do you think it will be in, in time ?

customer service usually doesn't answer questions on these threads. the people that do answer these questions do not have access to that information. open a chat window with the "chat now" button in the top right or call the 800 number next to it.