It likes to go hard.

From the steeps of Switzerland to perfect powder of Colorado, the Nidecker Rave Snowboard charges the biggest mountains with tenacity and precision. Representing the pinnacle of freeride performance in Nidecker's line, the Rave features an aggressive flex pattern, camber profile, and directional shape for unflappable stability at high speeds, unrelenting edge hold, and loaded response while you're carving. Its directional shape features a substantial set-back for stability at higher velocities, combined with a double-square nose that's longer and wider for additional float in powder.

The Rave's camber profile locks into turns beautifully, snaps off natural hits, and inspires you to push the board as fast as you'd like. Because traditional camber is a bit catchy and dives underneath powder, Nidecker uses flat camber along the tip and tail transitions to take the bite out of the board, as well as make it a bit more neutral in powder. This way, it won't throw you off-balance for tiny mistakes on edge, plus it's a bit easier to pilot in deep snow, as the tip and tail aren't trying to submerge downwards. However make no mistake, the Rave is still oriented towards the expert rider who prefers to open it up at scary-fast speeds.

Besides being a highly responsive board, you'll find the Rave Snowboard uses N-Tech construction for a bit lighter weight and easier board manipulation, but without sacrificing strength or responsiveness. This design places cap construction in the nose, blending to a more traditional sandwich construction (i.e. traditional sidewalls) underneath your front foot, then going all the way to the tail. Delving inside the board, the Light Core of paulownia and poplar retains all the strength you'd expect from a board of this pedigree, but without excess weight slowing you down. It's reinforced with snappy carbon stringers and kevlar for added vibration damping when you're hauling down the mountain.

  • Aggressive freeride board for charging steeps and carving
  • Responsive camber with flat transition zones for less catch
  • Stiff flex retains stability for high speeds and heavy landings
  • Directional shape with longer nose for stability and float
  • Light core balances strength with a feathery feel underfoot
  • Carbon and Kevlar stringers make it snappy and dampen vibration
  • N-9000 sintered base is the fastest in Nidecker's line
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