Pick your style.

The Quest Alana is the female do-all quiver board by Naish. Ranging from wave, wide body, to all-around classic longboard, you can choose how you like to play in the water. So whether you like to hang on the nose or push strokes on a scenic tour, the Quest Alana is your go-to. Built from the inside out with a lightweight molded EPS closed-cell core for leak-proof structural integrity and finished with pressurized aluminum molding to optimize resin saturation and create precise shaping, this board is built for women who know how to control their boards.

While each model of the Quest Alana is built around the same lightweight and durable construction, their shapes and sizes specialize in specific riding styles. The 9ft 6in all-around wave board focuses on its easy-to-ride shape and is equipped with a thruster fin set-up so you can easily catch and carve waves. The wide body of the 9ft 8in enhances stabilization for long distance touring and gentle cruising. And the all-around classic shape of the 10ft 8in allows advanced longboarders to hang-ten and catch bigger waves. It's also equipped with a M8 universal insert for wind-surfing enthusiasts. All the models have a cushy and sticky EVA deck pad that gives you support while you tour and grip while you surf, and a center ledge handle for convenient carrying down to the beach.

  • Naish's advanced quiver line-up for female rippers
  • Molded EPS closed-cell core optimizes structural integrity
  • Pressurized aluminum finish creates a precise shape
  • Wide body shape enhances stabilization for extended tours
  • Single and thruster fin controls stride and maneuverability
  • EVA deck pad gives cushioned support and sticky grip for surfing
  • M8 universal insert on 10ft 8in model can be used for wind-surfing
  • Center ledge handle makes for easy carrying to and from the water
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