It's not beginner's luck, it's the Mana.

The extra-wide profile, V-shaped bottom, and rockered tail make catching waves on the Naish Mana GTW Series Stand-Up Paddleboard a breeze—designed for beginner surfers of any size, the Mana offers excellent stability with a forgiving shape for learning to surf and carve a wave. It's durable integrity is built with lightweight, molded EPS closed-cell core and is reinforced with glass matrix to enhance it's strength, and a wood sandwich deck and bottom to help disperse the weight for a smooth ride. A rockered tail naturally catches on to a wave while the V-shaped bottom effortlessly cuts and carves through water. And the MFC thruster fin set-up creates easy-to-control maneuverability on the wave. To help boost your confidence, the EVA deck pad provides sticky grip for holding a strong stance, and the ledge handle helps you get down to the beach without looking like it's your first day out.

  • Learn to catch waves with a wide bodied stand-up paddleboard
  • Molded EPS closed-cell core with glass and wood reinforcements
  • Extra-wide profile enhances stability for easy wave catching
  • Rockered tail and V-shaped bottom help you carve waves with ease
  • Cushy and sticky EVA deck pad gives you a comfortable grip
  • Thruster fin set-up is designed to support stable maneuvering
  • Center ledge handle makes for easy transporting down to the beach
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