How It's Done.

Ditch the old plastic paddle-whack you've been using and arm yourself with the Naish Alana 80 Vario RDS Women's Paddle. Touting a women-specific construction, the Alana 80 Vario RDS is built to race, tour, or ride some waves. An anti-twist Vario Handle lets you dial in the perfect length, and Naish's EVA T has a traction grip coating so you never worry about dropping your paddle when you're in the middle of a race or trying to catch a wave. Meanwhile, the shaft's a light, soft-flexing pre-peg masterpiece with textured grip areas, and the blade is made of carbon and is reinforced with ABS rails that won't ding or chip. So, grab the Alana and give the boys a quick lesson in how a real girl goes about stand-up paddle boarding.

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