Mystery Ranch EX Booty 16L Bag

Yarr, Booty!

While you probably wouldn't want to stuff a whole treasure box worth of gold in the Mystery Ranch EX Booty Bag, you're welcome to attempt it—though, you might be making a visit to your friendly chiropractor afterwards. However, regardless of what kind of loot you're stuffing in the Booty Bag, this holster features a versatile construction and makes its case as a daily driver.

The 500D ripstop material is worth its weight in gold, lending steadfast durability—without tacking on necessary weight, so you're able to stuff, chuck, and fill-it-to-the-brim without second guessing its durability. Additionally, the bag can be worn as a backpack or carried as a tote, and in turn provides adaptive performance. Meanwhile, the foam back panel promotes on-the-go ventilation and cushioned comfort when wearing the Booty Bag as a backpack.

  • Carry your daily necessities with this bag
  • Can be worn as a backpack or carried like a tote
  • Foam back panel provides support and comfort
  • Sliding straps provide a quick and secure closure
  • Interior pocket stashes small items
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