Bring the Expedition Service Kit and be prepared to save the day should your MSR liquid-fuel stove bite the dust.

Bring MSR's Expedition Service Kit on your backcountry adventures and avoid entering the broken-down-stove camping nightmare. Let's face it—no one wants to eat raw, cold food while they're backpacking. Available as a separate kit for every MSR liquid-fuel stove, the Expedition Service Kit includes all the components you need to replace worn or damaged stove and pump parts. MSR included a durable carrying case, so you can pack the Expedition Service Kit safely in your backpack.

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Fixed my stove. MSR never lets you down.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This kit has everything to keep your stove running. I didn't do a gear check on my way to Yellowstone and Grand Teton this summer and guess what one of the gaskets was worn down on my MSR Dragonfly and it was leaking gas. I have two stoves so it wasn't an issue. When I got home I ordered this kit and followed the directions to replace all the seals and the issue was fixed. This msr stove was my first one at 20 years old, I'm now 42. This stove will probably outlive me.

You're as prepared as your repair kit

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

While you never want to have to field repair an item, it happens. Be prepared, keep your stove rocking for years.

Make Your Stove Last Several Lifetimes

    I got the Expedition Service Kit for my 6 year old Whisperlite that still works perfectly, but figured I might as well have the kit handy in the event that I ever actually need it. It comes with just about every small part on the stove, including a new jet and all of the small seals. With this kit, there's no doubt that my Whisperlite will last decades.

    Helpful kit

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    This kit has everything you could really need to clean up your stove. I don't really want to carry it with me for shorter backpacking trips(even though it is light and relatively compact) and may create a mini-repair kit for those situations but this is great to keep things working well. Your MSR stove will last FOREVER if you take good care of it and this kit helps you do that!

    which service kit is for MSR WhisperLite...

    which service kit is for

    MSR WhisperLite /International Expedition Service Kit?

    Unfortunately we have been sold out of the model for the Whisper Lite for a couple weeks now and it doesn't look like we have a restocking shipment coming in anytime soon.

    A must have

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Hey I have had my SimmerLight since it came out back in what 2004 or so maybe earlier. One have never cleaned it shame on me shame shame. So I lost the cleaning kit. Well it was so dirty I didn't even want to touch it because the back on the bottom of the stove would get all over everything. So I bought this kit and clean it the fist time and wow; this kit has it all and it is super light weight. I couldn't believe it even has the instruction on every little part and a update part for the old valve. Over all buy it because that stove will last forever if you take care of it.

    Great to have

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    This is a very complete kit. It is something you want to have just in case your stove has problems on the trail. It is one of those pieces of gear you really don't want to have to use but if you do you are glad you have it.

    Peace of mind

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    When you're actually somewhere a stove is necessary or replacement would take days--- more than a day out, or in the third world, having spare everything in one spot makes life easier. Fuel in some parts of the world is crap, and you'll be glad to have an extra jet and the wrench to rebuild a stove every night. Only wish would be a self repairing system.

    I have a dragonfly msr stove. there is a...

    I have a dragonfly msr stove. there is a rubber o ring in the pump that has come out. will the expedition service kit help to fix it or should I buy a new pump? Thanks. RJJ

    Best Answer


    This kit will give you everything for both stove and pump, even beyond just all the o-rings and lube.

    Just to see what you'll be doing, here's the link to Dragonfly/pump maintenance-watch the last 2 videos in the description section.

    Replacing Parts > Replacing Stoves

      This will be close to the review that I posted for the MSR replacement fuel pump, so to quote myself:

      "In 1801, Eli Whitney started producing firearms with interchangeable and replaceable parts. In modern times, MSR produces stoves with interchangeable and replaceable parts, utilize this feature. Parts will go bad (eventually)."

      $30 to fix your stove? An absolute STEAL in my opinion. This kit lives in my gear box for as I quote myself again "those "oh sh!t" moments" in your gear's life. MSR makes a quality product and gives you the option to fix things on your own. It's not hard either! Buy this kit and save yourself the headache of a broken stove!

      *Note: Always test and inspect your gear thouroughly before ANY trip, an extra few minutes of planning is better than a miserable experience!

      My XGK EX expedition service kit.

      My XGK EX expedition service kit.

      Does this kit will work for an 13 years...

      Does this kit will work for an 13 years old dragonfly ?


      Best Answer

      The Dragonfly hasn't changed internally since it's inception. This repair/service kit has everything you'll need for a complete, overall replacement of essential rubber parts that eventually break down due to their exposure to liquid fuels, especially white gas.

      Which of these service kits is suitable...

      Which of these service kits is suitable for an older (15 years) Whisperlite International? Does the kit include replacement jets (that's the part I really need)?

      Best Answer

      You will probably need to contact Cascade Designs directly. The jet was improved in the early 90s with a shaker jet which changed the threading of the jet. You can call (206) 505-9500, or write them at Cascade Designs, Inc.; 4000 1st Avenue South; Seattle, WA 98134. They will most likely send you a new jet. None of the current Service Kits have the right jet you'll need.

      Our WhisperLite stoves haven't changed much in the 15 years you mentioned above. Mine is about the same age.

      There is a WhisperLite/International Expedition Service kit available which I would recommend. It contains the parts specific to our stoves including the #28(kerosene) & #35 (gas) jets. can, most likely, get it for you.

      light, handy, very helpful

        nothing is worse than not being able to cook dinner after a long hike. i was stuck without a working stove at garibaldi lake until a neighbor lent me his repair kit, and i had the stove working again in 10 minutes. AWESOME.

        Trusty MSR

          My 22 year old whisperlite , just this season developed
          a leak in the extreme cold. This kit completely upgrades
          your old stove , and I especially like the priming cup
          sock that is new. ( old models didnt have this )
          20 more years of blowtorch !

          Question. I have an old whisperlite too. But the closest thing I see to it in the options is labeled "Simmerlite." Is that the one to get?

          Hi Donn, This comes in a Whisperlite model. Backcountry is sold out of it so it is not listed as an option.

          Thanks, Lisa! Any chance that might come back?

          The Next Step For Stove Maintenance

            This kit has more pump-related parts that your stove will need over & above the annual maintenance kit. It includes the essential rubber pump valve ball & spring that should be checked annually due to fuel exposure. The fuel line cable should also be inspected on an annual basis. Lubricate rubber parts with silicone grease. Don't have a fuel blow out like me because I didn't replace a simple o-ring.

            Now we're cooking with gas

              Well, you will be with this kit if your stove breaks down in the middle of Patagonia. It's got everything you need to get our stove going again if something breaks. Be a Boy Scout. Be prepared!