Moss SnowstickWing Pin Snowstick - Men's

Surf the snow.

Designed to bring the feel of surfing to the mountain, the Moss Snowstick Wing Pin Snowboard offers the closest feeling you'll get to catching a wave on snow. A huge rockered nose combined with a setback stance and tapered shape mean this thing floats like a dream in powder, while camber ensures it can carve groomers with the best of them.

Although the 175cm is much longer than its 154.5cm counterpart, it has a narrower waist and softer flex to make it surprisingly maneuverable. The result is a shortboard-like feeling in both sizes. You might have also noticed the unique binding insert configurations on this board. The standard setting offers a familiar feel anyone can enjoy. Setting B features a narrower stance that allows quick and responsive turns. The final setting offers a feel that's surfy, yet still torsionally responsive.

  • Surfy shape for carving groomers and slashing powder
  • Camber with huge rockered nose for edge hold and float
  • Taper and setback stance further enhance deep snow float
  • Three stance settings allow you to tweak your ride
  • Wing tail allows easy turn initiation and quick transitions
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