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Big walls are scary, so make them safer.

Wear a bright red and white striped shirt when you put on the incredibly comfortable Metolius Waldo Improved Harness to climb your next big wall. Your friends on the ground need some help finding you while you slowly work up the gigantic face wearing this half-inch-thick padded harness with drop-seat elastic, which excels at extra long hangs and belays.

  • Two belay loops simplify your gear when belaying or rappeling
  • Four gear loops and a rear haul loop rack up the cams, draws, and other gear you need to get to the top
  • 3-D adjustable-rise system ensures a tight, but comfortable fit that won’t loosen halfway up The Nose
  • Large dimensions and thick padding spread out the stress for hours, even days, of wearing the Waldo
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The small size indicates 29 - 31.5" in the waist. Most harnesses have a much larger range. What is the smallest this can cinch to? I am a 28" waist and am afraid the small may not fit. Thanks

Hey, Marcus -

The small Waldo is 29-31in (73.7-78.7cm), so I would suggest another harness for you. If you'd like to discuss options, you can give me a call or shoot me an email.





      my bud's harness

      My friend was needing a harness that would be comfy for all day wear on big walls... the Waldo does it SUPER! We all wear Metolius harnesses because they're the safest, most comfortable one's out there. If you have plans on aiding up big walls, a comfortable harness with multiple gear loops, large evenly weighted pads, and the peace of mind of this harness is a must. I would highly recommend the Metolius Waldo.

      my bud's harness

      Big sofa harness

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I haven't found a comfier climbing harness than this one. That said, long, awkward hanging belays can still suck, and if you're looking for a cozy seat, try a butt sling, bosun's chair, or portaledge. Better yet, climb faster.

      This thing has so many loops that I don't know what to do with them. You won't run out of places to clip in gear. There are two belay loops, which I've never really understood. Girth hitching daisies to them adds unwanted length and seems less safe than using the tie-in points. Things get crowded enough down there without another loop to add to the mess. I think I'll cut one of them off.

      The number of full-strength components that Metolius squeezes into their harnesses is impressive. The gear loops manage to stay clippably thin even with strong webbing running through them.

      Adjustability is good. Leg loops don't slip down over time like I'm used to seeing on my BD harnesses.

      Overall I'm pretty happy with the harness. I got it as a comfy harness for photography and hanging out on walls. It is heavy, though. I wouldn't recommend it for just any kind of climbing.

      hello i need 30 wall climbing harness ,300...

      hello i need 30 wall climbing harness ,300 meters rope and wall climbing holds please send me the last price of them with photos thanks

      Send an email or get on "live chat" to have this question answered. It'll be faster and more accurate.