Metolius Bouldering Sets - 12 Pack
MetoliusBouldering Sets - 12 Pack

Grab a wrench and the Metolius 12 Pack Bouldering Set to add a new project to your climbing wall.

The Metolius 12 Pack Bouldering Set includes just the right amount and variety of holds to set a new problem on your home climbing wall. Bolt-on and screw-on jibs, crimps, pockets, and slopers provide plenty of pump as soon as you leave the ground. The Metolius Bouldering Set gets your new wall off to an excellent start and adds new life to a neglected basement bouldering gym.

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For transportation purposes, how much do...

For transportation purposes, how much do all 12 pieces weigh? It would be very helpful if someone had an answer.

The shipping weight we have listed for this pack is 1.8lbs. I'm not sure how accurate this is but I hope it helps!


    These holds are great. The edges are like perfect little mini jugs, and the helkes have amazing ridgy features that work at almost any angle. If you're trying to decide between the two, I much prefer the helkes. The only drawback is the screws. They rust super easily, so be careful using these holds outside. The other thing is the threading on the screws is way too tight, so if you over drive them they just strip out the hole and become useless. I advise just picking up a box of screws from somewhere else and using those.

    would these hold up being used outdoors?

    would these hold up being used outdoors?

    Yes. You would probably want to clean them every once in a while.

    The holds are made of a poly resin so they will last indefinitely outdoors. The screws are another question. I would purchase galvanized or even better stainless steel screws to replace the non-rust proof screws that are included.

    I'm building a small climbing wall/ladder...

    I'm building a small climbing wall/ladder on the swingset for a six-year old. will this work for that? Is one package enough? the height will be approx. 5 ft.

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    Unless your kid has supernatural crimp strength for his age, these holds are probably to small. Check out the Metolius Mini Jug Hold Set for some bigger holds, with decent pockets.