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MetoliusAstro Nut Packaged Aid Set 1-5

The Astro Nut Packaged Aid Set belongs on your gear sling.

Metolius Astro Nuts will become the backbone of the micro sized gear on your climbing rack. Designed with a revolutionary shape to give you solid placements in pin scars and subtle flares whether you are aid climbing or going free. Metolius chose silicon-bronze because it exhibits the perfect blend of hardness and shear strength. This, combined with their patented Curve Nut shape (modified with a slight transverse taper), gives you micro gear which is easy to visually monitor and sets up the bomber triangulation necessary for a solid placement. The best materials, combined with the patented Curve Nut shape , give a powerful tool for protecting thin fissures. Astro Nuts will become the backbone of your micro-sized pieces, whether you are just starting out on traditional climbs, or if you're a big wall climber or alpinist.

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Has anybody compared these to the DMM brass...

Has anybody compared these to the DMM brass offsets? My partner has a set of the DMMs, which are amazing, but I've got a Metolius prodeal. Wondering if these would be just as good, or if it would be worth the extra coin to go with the DMMs?

GO with the DMM's! These guys are way better then the BD miscounts but nothing beats the DMM's. Maybe the HB's if you can find them.