When 29ers first appeared in the off-road world, the resident naysayers in the scene tried to relegate them to non-technical hardpack. While wagon wheels have since proved their worth on all terrains, Maxxis' 29in Crossmark EXO TR Tire was among the first to ensure pure speed for 29ers on fast singletrack.

The Crossmark's fast-rolling center ridge and grippy side knobs remain unchanged, but the addition of EXO sidewall protection and a tubeless-ready bead means that the tires are no more bound by the strictures of traditional technology than 29ers themselves were bound by the short-sightedness of non-believers.

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Can you please tell me if this is the LUST version?

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Hey Sergio Ortuno,

This is not the LUST version of this tire. This is the EXO TR version, and is 60 TPI instead of 120 TPI.