No limits.

Not traditionally a major player in the rowdier recesses of the dirt world, Mavic's shaking up its aluminum-loving, Lycra-clad reputation with the introduction of the XA Pro Carbon 29in Boost Wheelset. With the new Cross Adventure (XA) hoops, Mavic introduces carbon to riders outside the realm of XC for the first time, catering to riders heading out on all-day sojourns to tackle anything their capable frames feel like. If you're looking for a significant upgrade from your stock hoops but don't want race emphasis and harshness, give the XA Pro Carbon your undivided attention.

The French brand focused heavily on achieving the right combination of both lateral stiffness and radial compliance in the wheelset's design, understanding that increased drive efficiency needs to be offset by comfort-enhancing vertical give. Rigidity is often a double-edged sword for mountain rims; while it's nice on smooth flow trails, it quickly turns jarring when riders dive into chunkier terrain. With a strong understanding of vertical and lateral rim behavior, Mavic created a wheelset that will keep you accelerating nimbly up switchback climbs without subjecting you to every harsh hit you take on in wilder terrain.

Mavic also developed its own hookless bead profile for the XA line, embracing what began as a fringe technology and is now a confident member of the mainstream. Hookless bead profiles look terrifyingly minimal, but these modern perches provide less burping and a smoother, more natural interface between the tire and the rim, especially when paired with Mavic's stable 32mm external rim width.

Inside the rim, Mavic's ITS-4 alloy hubs hum reliably with two pairs of pawls delivering quick engagement when you're throwing your last reserves of strength into popping over a roller. 24 straight-pull steel spokes laced two-cross in the front and rear stand at the ready to absorb harsh impacts, rather than deflect them into your hands, and the wheels come with the added stiffness and responsiveness of Boost spacing. The wheelset comes with thru-axles front and rear, but it also includes quick-release adapters and BX601 skewers if you'd prefer. The system ships with Mavic sealant, tubeless tape, and an adjustment wrench.

  • A carbon trail wheelset ready for all-day exploration
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber provides a responsive ride
  • Lateral stiffness ensures quick accelerations
  • Vertical compliance reduces harshness and improves comfort
  • Hookless bead profile reduces burping
  • ITS-4 hubs engage quickly with two sets of two pawls
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