MavicCosmic Pro Carbon Exalith Wheelset - Clincher

Stop fast, go faster.

Carbon braking surfaces are continuously evolving, with new innovations every year promising to approach, meet, or even surpass the braking on alloy rims. But with the Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith Clincher Wheelset, braking isn't an issue. Neither are weight or aerodynamics. Obviously, they aren't going to be as light as the leading ~50mm all-carbon rims, but they're also 1/3 less expensive, only weigh about 100g more, and feature Mavic's Exalith II brake track.

There're a few very good reasons to go with full carbon rims, but the Exalith II brake track on the Cosmic Pro Carbon means that it avoids all of the potential downfalls of carbon braking. We should note that by "downfalls," we literally mean "falling down," as in crashing due to unresponsive braking or calamitous wheel failures due to heat accumulation. When carbon hits a certain temperature, known as the glass transition point, it violently deforms, briefly losing its stiff, rigid structure and turning rubbery. Since heat builds up while braking on long, steep descents, this tends to happen while going downhill very fast — an inopportune time, to say the least.

The Exalith II brake tracks eliminate this issue. They're alloy, so they'll hold up to braking heat, and the Exalith II treatment means that they hit a level of stopping confidence in wet and dry conditions that carbon can only dream of. We've seen some impressive carbon brake tracks over the past few years, but those are only now beginning to rival standard alloy braking, and Exalith II is a claimed 18% more effective than alloy tracks, meaning that it's far and away the leader in braking confidence. It also looks pretty damned cool, and it won't ruin a stealth machine with a bright strip of silver. If the slightly lower weight and added stiffness of full carbon are worth the trade off, then we say go for it; however, if you're after a wheel that you can use every day for every type of riding, then the Cosmic Pro Carbon Exalith's strong braking makes a compelling argument.

Of course, stopping isn't the wheelset's main job, and the 52mm carbon fairing appended to the Maxtal alloy rim is an obvious boon to aerodynamics. Once they spin up above 20mph, they like to stay there, shedding drag with a traditional NACA aerodynamic profile.

The wheels are equipped with Mavic's Yksion Pro GripLink and PowerLink tires, which incorporate puncture-resistant breakers and targeted compounds for different properties. As their names suggest, the GripLink is built to bring traction and confidence up front while the PowerLink is built to efficiently channel watts from your engine to the road. The rear wheel features a two-crossed spoke pattern on the non-drive side to increase stiffness where power is transferred to the drivetrain. Please note that Mavic recommends the exclusive use of Exalith brake pads, as the harder Exalith II surface will destroy normal pads and could create dangerous situations on the road.

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Unanswered Question

Hi, are these available for shimano? I have an ultrgra geoup

Crazy question...but since the spoke nipples are inside the carbon fairing can water get in there as well from riding and washing?

Hi John, Yes, there is a chance water can get inside of them, but they have a drain hole in the rim.

My local bike store has a pair of these on sale right now. The only reason I am hesitating is water getting through. I have heard the water can get through the nipple holes and inside the tire.

Unanswered Question

I have an older 10 speed Campagnolo specd bike. Will this fit? Is the adapter included?

Inside Man

    Yes they squeal for a while, still love them. Any questions at all on these don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally – happy to help out. Great wheel when they get up to speed.

    Bill Sherman
    Customer Account Manager-Bike
    Office: 801-736-6396 ext. 4737

    How is the handling in crosswinds? Im kinda light, so I need more crosswind stability.

    When are the 2017's coming? I heard it has a more toroidal shape, amenable to crosswinds.

    Hans, these are pretty good in the wind. I'm 5'10" 140lbs. I just finished testing the MAVIC COSMIC PRO CARBON SL CLINCHER WHEELSET in Hurricane UT (yes, it pretty windy there;) and they are a bit better...but they are 40mm depth, not 52mm. Feel free to call or email if you have any other questions. Nevertheless, this is a great wheel.