Mary Janes Farm Organic Southwestern Couscous

Delectable backcountry cuisine.

What potatoes are to the Irish, what rice is to the Chinese, couscous is to the inhabitants of the Maghreb al-Akhsa (“the land where the sun sets”), known collectively as the countries of Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Couscous is an essential part of their diet and is the national dish of Morocco. When most people see couscous, they think it is a grain. It's actually a tiny pellet of pasta made from the coarse ground meal of Durum Wheat known as Semolina. Traditionally steamed, the name is said to mimic the sound of steam bubbling through the pellets. Couscous is a favorite ingredient to use when inventing recipes because it's so easy to prepare. You can use it to invent sweet dishes or to create savory classics. For this dish, Mary Jane's an authentic blend of southwestern spices and seasoning for the perfect meal.

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New favorite backpacking meal

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I will definitely be buying this again, but next time I'll pack along some extra couscous! The flavor was great, but you could make it more filling with some more couscous - there wasn't much to begin with.

Pouch Cook: Yes says so on the bag and I've done it...

Pouch Cook: Yes

This is soup? Isn't this just couscous in...

This is soup? Isn't this just couscous in a pouch? Why does it say "Pouch Cook: no" in the specs?

Hey Ryan,

This isn't a soup, although it could be by simply adding extra water. The reason why it says "Pouch Cook: no" is because many backpacking meals are able to be cooked inside the packaging they come in by adding boiling water. You would have to empty the contents of the pouch into a separate bowl or pot in order to cook it.

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Yeah, soup is definitely relative to the amount of water you add, but this is just couscous, spices and some veggies. I'm not sure what they're talking about with "pouch cook:no". This is Mary Jane's "Outpost" ecopouch type of packaging. It's not foil or mylar, but you can add boiling water to it. The main product photo above is too small to see it, but if you look at it closely or at another product in similar packaging, you can see that the lower left side says "cooks in the bag...pouch cook". Hope this helps clarify things.

Wow, sorry Ryan for the screw up on my part. That's definately an type-o on BC's part as well on the specs. Luckily Phil is there to pick up both of our messes.

What mess? Don't even sweat it, Alex. It happens, and I'm far from any kind of exception to that rule.

I will say this though: when you're used to the foil packaging on brands like Mountain House and Backpacker's Pantry, these don't perform the same. Dumping it into a pot and cooking it that way is a definitely a good option, just not absolutely necessary.

Organic Southwestern Couscous

    I didn't have any, yet, but it got good reviews from one who did. It's the same stuff you can buy from grocery stores - cartoned soup, like black bean. Buy it from a grocery store and put it in ziplocs.