Mammut Magic Gym Bag

There's Magic In The Air.

Bouldering inevitably covers you in chalk, but eating beef jerky full of chalk and changing into chalky clothes after a good climbing sesh is not fun. Mammut created the Magic Gym Bag so your chalk doesn’t creep into every aspect of your life. Pack this gym bag with your post-workout clothes on top with a banana and some jerky, refill the removable chalk bag in the bottom closed-off compartment and be on your way. When you get to the gym, whip out the chalk bag, crush some problems, and then grab your clean clothes from the top compartment to go change. Chalk free. This gym bag stores your chalk out of the way and separated. Your stomach will thank you for keeping chalk off your snacks.

  • A divided gym bag for clean chalk storage
  • Large freestanding chalk bag included
  • Zippered pocket for holding keys
  • Backpack strap cords
  • Drawstring closure for secure transport
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