MammutLight Pump Mat UL Sleeping Pad

Lighter, easier to use, and warm as ever.

Redesigned to save weight and decrease inflate time, the Mammut Light Pump Mat UL combines the comfort of an air pad with the warmth of a foam core pad. Designed to handle alpine environments and winter temperatures, the the pad also features the addition of PU foam to boost its insulating properties. The newly redesigned hand pump is located at the foot area and is capable of inflating the pad in less than a minute thanks to larger valves, which also reduce the deflate time. The addition of Mammut's SquareTX UL fabric reduces the overall weight while also providing a non-slip surface resulting in a more secure sleeping experience in demanding alpine environments.  

  • SquareTX UL non-slip fabric
  • EnduranceTX 4 fabric
  • PU foam insulation
  • Integrated hand pump in foot section