Louis GarneauVector Snowshoe

For wintry hikes and exploring.

There's something to be said for the serenity of exploring the outdoors on foot in the winter. Snow falls around you, and cascades through tree branches, and the forest is quiet except for the sound of snow crunching under foot and wildlife stirring. That being said, without a proper pair of snow shoes, winter journeys have some serious challenges. Instead of wading through knee deep snow in your galoshes, don the Louis Garneau Vector Snowshoes, and float across the open meadows and into the backcountry. With an anodized aluminum frame, you'll feel supported, but not too rigid, as it flexes a bit with your steps. The decking is made from durable Lightec, which remains durable and flexible all the way down to -40-degrees Fahrenheit, so you don't have to stress if your frosty endeavor encounters plummeting temperatures. Traxion HCS crampons keep you from slipping on your hike by providing 360-degree traction, and they are finished off with a Boa-system binding to keep you secure when snow gets deep.

  • Snowshoes for heading into snowy meadows and mountains
  • Anodized aluminum frame supports you to keep you afloat
  • Lightec decking stays durable and flexible down to -40 degrees
  • Boa binding system keeps your foot secure even in deep snow
  • 360-degree crampon helps prevent slipping on icy surfaces
  • Lightweight construction doesn't weigh you down
  • SERAC harness is ideal for soft-boots, skips padding to improve responsiveness
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