Get your shine on.

Louis Garneau created the Shine Rtr helmet specifically for women, and its lightweight, aerodynamic design and effective safety features make it an excellent choice for an everyday helmet. If your old helmet has seen more than its fair share of bumps and scrapes, and your straps have been permanently white for a while now, upgrade to the Shine Rtr to keep your head comfortable and protected as you head outside to log your weekly miles.

Weighing in at a claimed 260g, the Shine Rtr relies on streamlined, In-Mold construction to provide an outer and inner layer of protection against impact without feeling bulky, and Garneau includes its antimicrobial X-Static XT2 padding to add breathable comfort to the inside of the helmet. At the back of the shell, the helmet converges towards an inner ring that Garneau refers to as Ringlock, a sleek design we're seeing more and more of from helmet manufacturers that works to preserve the helmet's structure in the event of a crash. Garneau also adds reinforcement to the lightweight shell with a supportive inner frame which works with Super MSB technology to prepare the base of the helmet to protect vulnerable areas while withstanding impacts.

Of course, the best way to prevent a head injury is to prevent a collision in the first place, and the Shine is strategically embellished with reflective ink in order to attract the attention of other road users and—hopefully—keep your ride free of any unfortunate events. The reflective details are part of LG's #ReclaimTheRoad (RTR) initiative, which is dedicated to cyclists' safety during low-light hours. Gratuitous use of social media forms aside, this is an idea that we can definitely get behind. Or under, as is the case with the Shine RTR Helmet.

The Shine Rtr has its share of safety features, but Garneau made sure to devote some attention to fit and comfort while creating it. A flexible frame that Garneau refers to as Spiderlock 4D surrounds your head and allows you to adjust the helmet laterally and vertically before you ride or in the saddle if needed. As you'd expect, the side straps are also easily adjustable, and 22 vents spaced strategically throughout the helmet allow for plenty of cooling air to reach you while you ride.

  • A cycling helmet for use from dawn till dusk
  • In-mold construction increases structural integrity
  • Reflective print helps you #ReclaimTheRoad in low-light conditions
  • Generous ventilation and adjustability for comfort
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