Lobster Halldor Asym Snowboard - Men's
LobsterHalldor Asym Snowboard - Men's

Asymmetrically awesome.

Asymmetric boards have been around for a while now, but they've recently gained popularity for their ability to rail hard carves and intuitively ride switch in the park. Realizing this, Halldor Helgason designed his signature Lobster Halldor Asym Snowboard for charging bigger park features and ripping around the mountain with a creative freestyle focus. This asymmetric twin features a medium flex that's a bit more stable than the jib-focused decks in Lobster's line. That's not to say the Halldor Asym isn't competent laying down clean presses, it's just that it's primarily focused hitting jumps and bigger freestyle features.

Seeing it's an asymmetric twin, you'll be surprised to find it's not using an asymmetric sidecut, but instead features an Asym Triple Base Technology (3BT) profile. This asymmetric board shape and 3BT profile features lengthwise camber, with uplifted sidebases starting at the contact points, running to the tip and tail. Following the principle that it's naturally easier to turn on your toeside edge, the 3BT uplift is less pronounced on the heel base edge, so you can really lay into those heelside turns with extra precision and power. Furthermore, the board's carbon stringers are placed in an asymmetric shape, which concentrates more energy transfer to your heelside edge.

  • Halldor's signature freestyle board with an asymmetric shape
  • Asym 3BT profile concentrates more energy to heelside edge
  • Asymmetric shape enhances heelside carves and switch prowess
  • Medium flex lends confidence for hitting bigger features
  • Poplar wood core reinforced hardwood beech stringers
  • Asym carbon stringers concentrate power to heel edge
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