Light & Motion Combo Urban 900 Longfin & Vis 180 Pro
Light & MotionCombo Urban 900 Longfin & Vis 180 Pro

Bases covered.

When it comes to cycling in low-light conditions, there are two sides: front and rear. Light & Motion's commuter-friendly Urban 900 Longfin and Vis 180 Pro Combo covers both, and it even throws in left and right by adding amber sidelights. It's impossible for any light system to guarantee safety in the saddle; however, the combo's 360-degree visibility (and 1,080 combined lumens of output) go a long way toward that end.

  • A front and rear light combo for commuting in the dark
  • Light & Motion's most powerful combo
  • Amber sidelights increase visibility to 360 degrees
  • Modes include daylight pulse for catching eyes in full sunlight
  • Weather resistant construction for days when sunlight is scarce
  • Lights easily detach to stow in a pocket or bag
  • Micro USB recharging means you'll rarely be out of juice without options
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Looking forward to using it.

    I bought this combo for my wife, for Christmas and just from testing it out everything looks great. The headlight is incredibly bright and the tail light has some unique features. I am looking forward to using these lights and taking advantage of them.