Brains and brawn.

Light & Motion knew what they were doing when they combined the Urban 700 Tundra and the Vibe Pro into one kit for the ultimate safe commute. The Urban 700 projects 700 lumens, just under what you'll find from a car's headlight, and it offers 4 different modes to satisfy whatever your current riding needs are with bold lighting and pulsing modes, with amber side lighting that can be critical in intersections when distracted motorists are gunning it for quick turns. In the back Light & Motion's new Vibe Pro alerts motorists to your whereabouts with safe-pulse that catches driver's eyes without overly distracting them, so they can keep focus on you and the road. The Vibe Pro is a remarkably techy smart light in a small package. Small in stature, it fits easily into your pocket, but provides 100-lumens of red pulsing glow that senses your movement and automatically turns off when you park your bike. Both lights feature waterproofing that can withstand the worst weather that Mother Nature throws your way, and are submersible to as deep as 1 meter.

  • The perfect package of bike lights for riders on the run
  • 700-lumen headlight provides ample light for dark rides
  • Amber side lights extend visibility in intersections
  • Safe-pulse alerts drivers without blinding them
  • Smart taillight turns on when you ride and off when you park
  • Easily packs into your pocket when you're done
  • Withstands weather with ease and is submersible to 1 meter
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Light & Motion Vibe